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French Culture and Traditions

When you are learning French, it’s also important that you understand the French culture. You’ll find around one hundred articles about French culture and traditions in this section of our French blog. 

French Holiday Traditions and vocabulary

Let’s start with the holidays. What about Christmas in France? The French Easter? What is it about the French April’s fool fish? I’ve written about most French holidays and often included related French vocabulary lists and expressions.

French Love

Ah l’amour… L’amour toujours…
Do you know the many ways of saying I love you in French? What about flirting in French: did you know French women don’t “date”? Follow the links in my Saint Valentine’s Day in France article!

French Jokes with Audio

Ah l’humour… That was a trick: l’humour: lu moor ≠ l’amour: la moor. See, I’m always teaching French! Mostafa, a PHD student loves French jokes and puns and kindly shared some with us. I’ve recorded them for you.

Practical Cultural Advise

In the French culture category you will also find practical cultural advise such as what to do if you are sick in France, how to ride the subway like a Parisian – an in depth and free Paris subway audio guide which includes the Paris subway stations pronunciation – the right way to ask where is the bathroom in French, or a controversial article about French women beauty secrets.

French Etiquette

Students are scared to make a faux-pas in France. And so they should be! The French can be strict when it comes to – what they consider to be universal – French politeness! So I’ve written many articles on this subject, including 27 Dos’ and Don’ts at the French table, 14 tips to be a polite guest in a French home… 

Opinion Pieces

You’ll also find a couple of opinion pieces in the French culture section of my French blog. What is the French bourgeoisie? 17 things that will shock Americans visiting Paris

And that’s not all: WWI and WWII, how to avoid fines when driving in France, tips about visiting Versailles or Chenonceau castles, how to dress in Paris… And I’m constantly adding new articles!

Can You Understand Today’s Spoken French?

It’s not just slang. The French everybody speaks in France today is NOT the overly enunciated, extremely formal French usually taught to foreigners.