French Language Quiz/Test

We have developed free French tests and quizzes that are unique on the market because they are audio driven.

Traditional French tests are all written based and are a lot easier to answer because you have plenty of time to read the question and you can deduct lots of hints from the written question. If you really want to test your handling of real-world French, then you need to test your comprehension and only audio can do that.

Beginner French Comprehension

Do you understand modern French? This beginner French quiz is designed to test your modern spoken French comprehension: 10 questions recorded using today’s French pronunciation.

Audio-based Modern French Level Test

Want to figure out how well you would do if you were to travel to France and interact with locals? Want to know what level to choose with our French audiobooks? Then that’s the test for you: 18 questions that will take you 20 minutes and test both your grammar and your spoken French listening comprehension.

How Well Do You Know Your French Numbers?

No matter how good you are at French, there’s probably one thing that trips you up: hearing and pronouncing French numbers. Especially since we don’t make it easy at all in French: “four-twenty-ten-seven”! Really?!.

This 10 questions audio quiz will really show you where you stand with French numbers!

🎁 2.5 Hours French Audiobook - 100% Free / Keep Forever 🎁

Recorded at 3 different speeds + Study Guide + Q&A + Full Transcript

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