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FREE AUDIOBOOK (all recorded with full transcript)

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Free audiobook

This 2.5-hour long French audiobook features the characters from the À Moi Paris French method and contains:

A lively story recorded at 3 different speeds (slower with ‘book French’ enunciation, a bit faster with glidings, then the street version with all the glidings common in today’s modern French)

Study guide with unique tips on French grammar, French vocabulary, and expressions (also recorded).

Questions & answers section to test your understanding of the French story (also recorded & great to use as dictation)

Full 60 pages transcript with English translations

INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE and works on all major platforms

French Today audiobooks (including the free one) are accessible via our custom apps (iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac, and Windows) which are completely free to download and feature some cool functionalities to create an amazing audiobook experience.

This free Audiobook topics include:

  • Enjoy 6 chapters of an easy and real-life like story with translated dialogs
  • Learn what elisions, liaison and glidings are
  • Learn the 4 different ways to ask questions in French
  • Learn useful food vocabulary
  • Learn useful vocabulary for introducing yourself, traveling, ordering food, chatting in French
  • Learn the differences between French and English adjectives
  • Learn the many meanings of the subject pronoun “on”, so often used in modern spoken French
  • and more…

The free French Today app features:

  • Download your French Today audiobook in 2 clicks/taps
  • Read and listen to the audiobook even when not connected to the internet
  • Read transcript and listen to audio in one app
  • Hide the English translations in 1 click/tap
  • Quickly navigate the table of content
  • Skip forwards or backwards in 15 second increments
  • and more…

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Download your audiobook via our custom French Today apps available for all major platforms:

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Web Only (limited)

If you want, you can also access the web only version of the free À Moi Paris First Encounter audiobook but keep in mind that the experience is definitely not as nice as via the apps…

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2.5 hours recorded at 3 different speeds. Experience how different and efficient our method is. Available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

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