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Here at French Today, we believe selecting the right French teacher is the key to a successful French lesson by Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp…

To really improve in French, you need to develop a trusting bond with your French teacher, so you can get over your fear of speaking French.

I’ve personally interviewed and selected these experienced French teacher. They all speak English and aim at creating a friendly learning atmosphere, eventually resulting in natural, non-scripted conversations, to prepare you for real interactions with French people. You will be communicating and arranging all the details directly with the teacher of your choice. They are totally independent and use various methods to teach French.

French Skype Lessons With Virginie – All Levels

Virginie - French Skype Teacher portrait

“Virginie knows the rules and intricacies of the French language well, and she knows how to explain them to those of us who speak English as a first language. She prepares carefully for each class and varies her teaching methods and resources.”


Graduated with a Ph.D degree in French Medieval literature, Virginie is a French native, a certified French teacher from l’Alliance Française with a DAEFLE degree, and a certified tester in official French exams (DELF, DALF).

Before moving to Arizona, USA, Virginie homeschooled her two children, which taught her flexibility and adaptability. She worked at Alliance Française before starting her own language school. She’s been giving French lessons to professionals, students, travellers and French lovers, all with very different proficiency levels and motivations.

Whether you feel more comfortable with traditional methods of language learning or a less formal approach, whether you are a grammar addict or are interested only in conversation practice, Virginie will work hard to customize the ideal lessons for you. Her highest priority is to offer you the maximum autonomy and flexibility so that you can improve your French in the way that suits you best. Her approach? Let’s be serious without taking ourselves too seriously, and together we’ll find the best way of achieving your goals!

Virginie is now accepting new students. She is located in the US, Arizona, MST time, and is available Monday through Friday.

If you are interested in French lessons by Skype or zoom, contact Virginie with your availability (US MST time please – indicate your goals and current French level).

French Skype Lessons With David – Beginners and Intermediate Students

“David is very friendly and patient, taking time to ensure our pronunciation is correct and that we understand each lesson thoroughly”

Brad and Sally Miles

American born, David’s lifelong passion has been to master French, Spanish and Chinese languages and accents. Because he too learned French, David understands what is truly challenging for English speakers and explains it really clearly.

David’s forte is teaching French pronunciation, and engaging students in fun and useful conversation from day one, with the goal of rapidly developing confidence when speaking in both scripted and spontaneous conversations.

Although the lessons will provide solid grammatical foundations, David understands many students priority is to quickly communicate in French and he will make sure you’ll get plenty of practice. His genuinely kind and caring personality will set you at ease and in no time, you’ll find yourself chatting away with him.

Specialised in teaching French to total beginners and intermediate students, David also offers conversation lessons to advanced students. He lives in Teton Valley, Idaho

David is currently accepting new students. He is available Tuesday afternoons through Sunday evenings US, Idaho MDT time.

If you are interested in French lessons by Skype or zoom, contact David with your availability (US MDT time please – indicate your goals and current French level).

French Skype Lessons With Emilie – All French levels

“Emilie isn’t like a normal tutor, who can be distracted, distant, and cerebral. She’s more like a friend, living life to the fullest extent, while patiently guiding me through the fundamentals and intricacies of French.”


Unfortunately Emilie’s schedule is all booked at the moment and she cannot accept new students. 

Emilie a native French woman born of German and Belgian parents. She speaks German, English, and Spanish and always dreamt to be an “ambassador”.

She is a certified French teacher from l’Alliance Française and I have a DAEFLE degree in teaching French as a Second Language.

For the last nine years, she’s been teaching children and adults of all ages from beginners to advanced level. She also gives language lessons to her local refugee group, which has been a rich and rewarding experience.

Being very fond of wildlife and open spaces, she decided to take her family to the marvellous countryside of the “little Pyrenees” between Toulouse and the Pyrenees mountains.

If you are interested in French lessons by Skype or zoom, contact Emilie with your availability (France time please – indicate your goals and current French level).

French Zoom Lessons With Vanessa

“Vanessa is great fun with an excellent sense of humour that enables her students to relax and to profit fully from their learning experience”

Giles Williams

Unfortunately Vanessa’s schedule is all booked at the moment and she cannot accept new students. 

A Sorbonne University graduate, Vanessa holds a Master of Science in Language and French as a Foreign Language (FFL). Vanessa is a people’s person, who is very easy to talk to and loves to share her knowledge of French culture and history. She also speaks English fluently.

She’s been giving French lessons for years to professionals, students, expats or simply Francophiles from a variety of backgrounds and French levels. Vanessa started to give Skype French lessons a couple of years back and is very happy with the results and convenience.

  1. Fill out the form below: your name, email address (check it please, we won’t be able to contact you if you made a typo),
  2. Select the teacher (Note that Camille and Olivier are not accepting new students at this time)
  3. Tell us a bit more about yourself, your level and goals in French,
  4. Give us the times and days you would be available for lessons.

Then, on your teacher will send you an email, and you’ll arrange for your first French lesson! It’s that simple.

On your French lesson’s day, your French teacher will call you using Skype or Zoom, Whatsapp…. You’ll decide together the best study plan to achieve your French goals, and get to know each other. Your teacher may suggest French books to study with unless you have something specific you’d like to go over.

During the French lesson, your teacher will make extensive use of Instant Messaging to write vocabulary, examples… You hear the new vocabulary/mistake corrections but also read them as your French lesson progresses. The chat notes are then a great study guide for you.

Your French teacher may give you homework – or not. They are all extremely flexible and adapt our teaching to our student so you can learn French, but also have fun and not feel under pressure.

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Would You Prefer Online French Lessons?

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