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French Poem Readings

I love French poetry.

In this section, I will list the most famous classical French poems with an English translation.

Often, the poems will come with audio recordings: I will read the French poem twice:

  1. once slowly, in a very enunciated manner – so you can repeat after me,
  2. and once faster, with my own interpretation of the poem.

I will also sometimes tell you about the author, or explain the vocabulary or the meaning of the poem, all in easy everyday French, like I do in my “Easy French Poetry” audiobook.

Learn French with the most famous French poems, such as “Demain, dès l’aube”, “La Cigale et la Fourmi”, “Parfum Exotique”… French poem read twice, explanation of the text and the meaning, life of the author’s life (Hugo, La Fontaine, Baudelaire…) in simple French with English translation.

Intermediate & Above Easy French Poetry
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