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French Poem Readings

In this section, I am going to read classical French poems twice: once slowly - so you can repeat after me - and once faster, with my own interpretation of the poem. I will also sometimes tell you about the author, or explain the vocabulary or the meaning of the poem, all in easy everyday French. In my "Easy French Poetry" audiobook, I read and explain using simple words the very most famous French poems, such as "Demain, dès l'aube", "La Cigale et la Fourmi", "Parfum Exotique"... and talk about the author's life (Hugo, La Fontaine, Baudelaire...). These explanations are a great way to improve your understanding and vocabulary, train your brain to stay focused for a longer discussion and learn about French culture and poetry. Do you like the challenge of longer yet reachable French recordings? Are you interested in French culture? Did you check out my Fun French Tales?

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