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French Vocabulary

Drill to Learn French Numbers (with Audio Exercises)

Camille Chevalier-Karfis By Camille Chevalier-Karfis on March 6, 2019

Learning numbers in another language is not a very easy thing. The main problem is that most student “calculate” their French numbers: they think “twenty” and “five” to make “twenty five”.

But that is not how a native would think.

A French native is so accustomed to numbers that “twenty five” is one piece of information.

Learning the number itself, not putting it together is the key to understanding numbers fast.

1 – You Must Change the Way you Learn French Numbers

This is even more true in French where numbers can get really silly.

For example, the French number for 99 is “quatre-vingt dix-neuf”. In other words “four twenty ten nine”…

If you think like this when you hear/think of “99”, you will never get numbers fast enough! You should think of it as “katrevindizneuf”.

The only way to get French numbers fast is to train with audio and do lots of repetition.

Hopefully, my free audio lessons about numbers will help – follow the links below.

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2 – Speed and Mastering French Numbers

Speed is also a big reason why students don’t understand French numbers – when numbers are all glided and meshed together, you have less time to think and break them apart, and it can get challenging.

This is why, just like in my French audiobooks, I recorded these lessons at different speeds.

Start with the beginning – conquering the smaller digits will unlock large numbers for you.

3 – How My French Number Lessons Go

L1 + L2

À Moi Paris Method – Beginner

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We will start by studying the numbers and I’ll point out some spelling or pronunciation things.

Then I’ll read random lists of numbers at different speeds.It is essential to train with lists out of order, otherwise your brain will memorize the order as well.

In this lesson more than in any other, repetition is the key. So repeat, repeat, and repeat again! Bookmark this page and revisit often.

3 – How To Work With Audio of the French Numbers in Order.

  1. First, play the recording in order. Repeat WITHOUT READING so the letters do not fool you into a wrong pronunciation.
  2. Repeat until the numbers don’t feel foreign to you. Then repeat again as you read and memorize the spelling.
  3. Use the same recording but instead of repeating, say the number and then use the recording to check your pronunciation.
  4. Finally, use the recording as a dictation to write the numbers in letters, and check your spelling.

4 – How To Work With the Exercises – Recordings of Random French Numbers.

  1. Step 1
    Start with exercise one – the slower one.
    Use the recording as a dictation: write down the number in digit. Then listen to the audio again to check your list. If you have a doubt, check with the transcript.
    You may also use the slower recording to write the numbers in letters and then check your spelling with the transcript.
  2. Step 2
    Check your pronunciation: play the audio again but this time look at the transcript and read the number before I say it. Compare your pronunciation to mine.
  3. Step 3
    Stay at the speed you feel comfortable in. There is no use in rushing things, you must first truly feel comfortable in one speed before moving to the next one.

Remember, repetition is the key!

Links to My Unique Audio lessons about French numbers

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