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A Unique Audio Method to Learn Today’s Real French Language

Camille Chevalier

French Language Expert

What makes French Today different?

I teach French to English speaking students; so when I explain French grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation… I use English so you can understand me.

Even when you understand the rules, switching from an English logic to French reflexes takes time. I believe traditional methods go way too fast over the basics. I provide a much more gradual approach – one that is not overwhelming, does not assume you are a grammar expert and gives you plenty of speaking practice.

Ultimately, in order to communicate in today’s world, it’s essential to study with dialogues which reflects the reality of today’s French. With my method, you will learn a French that is relevant and modern, and build-up the confidence to interact in day-to-day conversations.

How it works

The French Today Method

A modern and relevant approach to learning both traditional and modern French. All grammar lessons are logically structured and clearly explained for English speakers.

A fun ongoing story illustrates the theory and features realistic vocabulary and situations. The dialogs are recorded at different speeds and levels of enunciation.

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Learn French how you want, where you want, when you want

Use our custom French Today apps to quickly change your audiobook recording speeds, skip back and forth, hide the English translations and lots more… All without being connected to the internet.

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