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Traditional French Food & Wine

In this section, we’ll share authentic and traditional French food recipes, food-related French vocabulary, as well as tips about ordering French food, French wines… 

Some of the recipes are written in French and translated into English: it’s a fun way to practice your French!

A Top French chef at home

I’m very lucky to have a top French chef at home. My husband Olivier loves to cook, and he is a sublime cook. He often shares his specialty recipes in this French blog, traditional French food recipes such as Le boeuf bourguignon, les crêpes, or the easter leg of lamb but also more exotic ones like le poulet Yassa from Sénegal (where he grew up). 

French Immersion teachers who love to cook

The residential French immersion teachers I recommend love to cook as well, and often share their authentic French food recipes on this blog. Chances are you’ll also learn some French cooking vocabulary in their articles!

French wines

I love wine, don’t you? You’ll find many interesting French wine articles such as how to pronounce the Burgundy wines (with audio), useful wine terms, wine tasting phrases

Many food related terms are listed under our French vocabulary category, so I encourage you to look there as well if you are looking for specific French food or wine vocabulary.

Can You Understand Today’s Spoken French?

It’s not just slang. The French everybody speaks in France today is NOT the overly enunciated, extremely formal French usually taught to foreigners.