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Specifically built to prepare you for today’s modern spoken French. Perfect as a supplemental exercise audiobook to the À Moi Paris Method or as a practice tool for your core grammar/vocabulary skills.

Beginner Level

Beginner Level Supplemental Exercise Book

5.00 out of 5
(8 customer reviews)

Stimulate your newly found French knowledge with this audiobook full of additional exercises (note: the À Moi Paris Method does include some exercises but this audiobook features completely new ADDITIONAL exercises and is not included with the regular À Moi Paris Method levels you might own)

Featuring more than 17 hours of audio-based exercises and transcript. These exercises are created from the ground up to help you train your beginner French and really internalise grammar and vocabulary. 

There are no useless multiple choice questions: you will practice your French with close to 3000 full sentences which you can also use as an effective pronunciation tool. Give your answer out-loud to practice speaking French yourself.

Drill on really useful French vocabulary, challenge your understanding with new words and expressions, come up with your own answers and develop your confidence and ease when speaking French.

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"I’ve tried dozens of language learning methods for the three different languages I’ve studied, and I’ve never found anything quite like French Today. The absolute best program for language learning, and great customer service."

Elizabeth Ryan - brussels

"I have tried others and even a private teacher for over a year and learned grammar but still cannot have a conversation!! With your techniques, I am speaking and comprehending faster."


The French Today AUDIO Method

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Built from the ground up

Traditional methods are written by old-school scholars. We have a much better way.

75 000+ Audiobooks Sold

In 1999, our first French audiobook for the web was revolutionary - we never stopped!

You Will Improve - Guaranteed

We’ve always had a 100% money-back guarantee for a full 120 days because we know it works!

Structure of the exercise book:

  • 2 companion exercise books: one for L1, one for L2.
  • Each chapter matches the story and study guide of the method book
  • Each chapter contains ~ 8 exercises of 10 sentences each
  • Everything is recorded and you can also read everything in the transcript
  • First, I ask the questions and leave some time for you to answer them out-loud
  • In the answers to the exercise, I repeat the questions and give the answers right away
  • The French Today app offers many functions to navigate the audio book, repeat, fast forward, hide the answers etc...

Content of the exercise books:

  • Study Tips: how to study with this exercise book?
  • Translate story sentences into English
  • Translate new French sentences into English
  • Translate story sentences into French
  • Translate new sentences into French
  • Vocabulary, grammar, verb conjugation, idiom exercises...
  • understanding/translating a new short story based on the novel
  • Just as with the method audiobooks, the complexity of the sentences featured in the exercise books increases as your knowledge of French does.

PAY ONCE - download on all your DEVICES

Easy to use custom app - Learn at your own pace - No internet connection needed
Check out why our audiobook experience is so unique vs. the competition!


Listen to some drills from chapter 10 of À Moi Paris Beginner Exercise Book (L1)...
(Answers are at the end of the recordings)

Ch 10 Sample - Translate Story Sentences in English
Ch 10 Sample - Translate New Sentences into English
Ch 10 Sample - Using "il y a"
Ch 10 Sample - Reflexive verbs fill in the blanks

Verified Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

8 reviews

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What others are saying

  1. 5 out of 5

    Trish, New Zealand Verified Owner

    I am a perfect example pf Camille’s ‘mantra’ Repetition is the Key’.
    I have been working through the À Moi Paris series for 3 years, and thinking I was at the Intermediate Level I first bought the Intermediate Exercise book. I really liked the way Camille’s method gets you to practise speaking French which is hard to do when you don’t come across many French speaking people to practise with. As I worked on the chapters I found they were getting harder and harder and after doing the quiz on the French Today website I realised my listening ability was definitely not Intermediate and that I seemed to have gaps.
    So I bought the Beginner Exercise book and repeated À Moi Paris Level 1 and Level 2. A lot of it was easy which was reassuring as I realised I had learnt a lot but I did come across things, particularly to do with modern French pronunciation, that I am sure weren’t there when I first worked through those levels. Has it been updated or had I completely forgotten?!
    I am now methodically working through the exercise book chapter by chapter, reviewing the corresponding chapter in Level 2 first and I am finding I am becoming more and more confident to speak out loud and I am understanding spoken modern French more easily. The Exercise book makes you slow down and do things more thoroughly and the repetition allows it all ‘to sink in’. The books are an excellent way to learn modern spoken French. Thank you Camille and Olivier for all your hard work.

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  2. 5 out of 5

    Kathleen, Pottsville, New South Wales, Australia Verified Owner

    This is an excellent way to learn French – I am in my late seventies so I’m probably not the ideal student. However, Camille’s voice is very clear and the fact that it is done at different speeds is an enormous help. I would recommend it to anyone trying to learn french.

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  3. 5 out of 5

    Nathalie, Austin, TX, USA Verified Owner

    Great companion to A Moi Paris series.
    I appreciate being able to download all books to all my devices since I use both PC and Mac. The best part is to be able use the French Today app on my mobile phone since I have more time to listening using my phone than sitting by the computer. Olivier’s technical skills in providing this features places French Today learning program above all others.

    The story is compelling, and I want to keep listening for more. The study guides are outstanding because Camille focuses on the vocabulary, the grammar, the sentence structures.

    The fact that Camille and Olivier are French and are also American citizens, they understand both cultures and difficulties that we face when we learn French. Studying French Today’s audiobooks, I feel as if I have a private teacher on a one-on-one basis because it seems that Camille can read our mind.

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  4. 5 out of 5

    Penny Johnson, Excelsior USA Verified Owner

    I am a beginning intermediate student—thanks to these fabulous audiobooks. I have purchased the entire series so that I can train my ear—I understand French at a more advanced level then I can speak. I find the story so fun and engaging that I listen ahead out of curiosity.! The exercise books really, really help me master content. Then the number drills help me maintain. As Camille always says “repetition is the key” and with the full range of audio books, I can suit my mood and needs. Drill verb tenses, work on adjectives— train for oral and written comprehension. C’est si formidable. Camille et Olivier, je vous remercie au fond du cœur pour votre bon travail. C’est mon rêve d’habiter en France quand je prends ma retraite.

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  5. 5 out of 5

    Susan Altadena CA Verified Owner

    I think I have all of your Audio Books They are all wonderful tools when I am studying French on my own. I have tried many online courses and apps but French Today is far superior to any of them. I particularly like the new exercise series.
    Thank you so much Camille and Oliver. Susan

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  6. 5 out of 5

    Sharon, Paris, Fance Verified Owner

    A very useful exercise book. I have many of French today audio books and I highly recommend them.

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  7. 5 out of 5

    Duncan, Nailsworth UK Verified Owner

    A clever way of making me interact and speak out loud!

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  8. 5 out of 5

    Maurie Kiama – Downs AUS Verified Owner

    This has been so appropriate for me as I want to develop my French speaking skills. Hopefully I will ultimately find someone at my level of skill to converse with. It will be a while before I move to the Intermediate level exercises which I have also purchased. The pronunciation drills are so helpful. I appreciate your significant tip which is to think in French and not to use English as an interface. Since downloading, my practice has been irregular and delayed. because of needing to concentrate on resolving some medical issues ( skin cancers on my Celtic skin).
    From tomorrow I have to have two weeks of home bed rest so I can heal a large skin graft, So I will have the time and opportunity to practise the exercises.

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