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A Unique Audio-Based Method to Learn True Modern French


Designed to Simplify the Complexity Of French

A serious approach to learning both traditional and modern French. Grammar and vocabulary specifically explained for English speakers. Practice everything you learn with an ongoing and fun novel with realistic dialogues/situations.

L3 + L4

À Moi Paris Method – Intermediate

4.97 (138 reviews)
(137 customer reviews)

The missing level to many methods.

Now that you know the fundamentals of French, it’s the time to tackle more advanced grammatical concepts without worrying about the tenses yet… Master intermediate grammar and drastically expand your vocabulary. Keep practicing the present tense: the tense used the most in everyday conversation. Reinforce all these concepts in the context of an ongoing story recorded at 2 different levels of enunciation (enunciated & modern). Q & A section will entice you to practice out loud what you’ve learned and improve your confidence when handling intermediate conversations.

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  • Describing and comparing people and things
  • Making various kinds of phone calls
  • Ordering and commenting on food
  • Flirting in French
  • Discussing a TV show
  • Going to the hospital
  • Common slang
  • Grocery shopping & setting a menu
  • Taking the plane
  • Driving in France
  • Talking with and about babies/kids
  • + A lot of small talk


  • Direct & indirect object pronouns
  • Asking questions: Est-ce que, inversion & street
  • Common & complex interrogative expressions
  • Expressing possession & possessive adjectives
  • Demonstrative & Interrogative adjectives
  • Adjectives of colors and nuances
  • Tous, tout, toute or toutes & pronunciation
  • Quel, quelques, lequel, duquel, auquel, quelques-uns…
  • Possessive & demonstrative pronouns
  • Comparative & superlative adverbs
  • Y/En and their modern glided pronunciation
  • Adverbs and their place in the sentence


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À Moi Paris Method Intermediate - Table of Contents

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Intermediate French Booster Pack

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Designed to Simplify the Complexity Of French, This Intermediate Level Bundle Contains our Most Popular Audiobooks Together for an Amazing Price.


4.97 out of 5 stars

137 reviews

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What others are saying

  1. 4.97 (138 reviews)

    Suneeta NYC Verified Owner

    I got the French Verb drills and I am going through the À Moi beginner and intermediate series .
    I got a few of the other audiobooks by Camille which I just have not had the time to go through, but for what I have already gone through, I am sure the rest will be very good too
    I had done upto GCE A level french about 30 years ago , and was looking to refresh my French listening and speaking skills

    What I like about the series is , you taught actually how French is spoken, outside the classroom /textbook scenario .Camille voice is clear and her enunciation is excellent , she gives useful tips , that translate into actual day to day conversations , which I found very helpful

    Overall an excellent series , which will very be useful as a part of the learning repertoire of any student learning French with the aim of learning how to converse comfortably in this beautiful language

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  2. 4.97 (138 reviews)

    William Allen – UK Verified Owner

    I have been learning French for over a year now, and French Today has improved my level dramatically. I started with very basic knowledge from school, and now, after completing the first 2 levels of this course, I can speak to my girlfriend’s family in French, make jokes and get around with near ease.
    This course guides you through the very foundations and gradually builds your French through the various levels. Before you know it you will be having conversations in French which you would have never thought possible.
    I can’t recommend this course enough! It doesn’t feel like work or effort and it’s very enjoyable. The format is so easy to follow, and Camille just makes you want to improve your French.
    I brought level 1 and 2 after completing the first Michel Thomas audiobook. I was unsure whether to attempt level 2 to start with, but decided to start with level 1, as aiming too advanced is counter-intuitive. If in doubt, start with the lower level and work your way up. I spent a long time of each level to fully understand and remember what I was learning. This may take longer than rushing through, but the results really show when you speak and listen.
    If you want to learn French, try this course, you won’t regret it! Thank you Camille.

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  3. 4.97 (138 reviews)

    Peter Lightfoot – Leamington Spa, England Verified Owner

    As an adult returning to a programme to improve my speaking French I love the structured journey which I taking me to where I want to go. I’m just halfway through the books but already becoming more colloquial , and more comfortable with the informal ‘tu’ style of address. The two speed audio choices make each new challenge easier to grasp.
    The big bonus is the regular emails and videos from Camille telling us about her family life and activities and always adding some language tips. When I share these with others I refer to Camille as ‘my French teacher’. She is!

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  4. 4.97 (138 reviews)

    Kathleen Derrick – MA, USA Verified Owner

    Camille and Olivier are fantastic! It is difficult to find a program that has these three important features:
    1. Oration with a written accompaniment in both French and English.
    2. Stories that use typical conversation to help with vocabulary building and listening comprehension skills.
    3. Questions that test your understanding.
    4. Attentive and personal care from the French couple who created this series!

    If you’re like me, you studied French in high school and in college and have forgotten most of what you learned because you rarely hear, converse, or read in French. You will enjoy this series no matter what your level, because it will help you with all of these. Most important, the creators are French! This combined with the personal attention you receive from Camille and Roland makes their program most authentic and valuable among online French learning programs. I love that I can listen, read, and then check my pronunciation and comprehension.

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  5. 4.97 (138 reviews)

    Albert Loots – New Zealand Verified Owner

    As a former fully qualified teacher of (Dutch) language I wish to express my fullest admiration for this French language course. As a great fan of the French, their language, their culture, I have taken a few different courses (including the Alliance Française) over the years, but quite frankly none of those beats the À moi Paris method.
    I am really impressed with the kind of personal approach that the authors are using throughout this method, its logical structure, the explanations of the various grammatical issues in simple, easy to follow terms, the exercises, the story line, the audiobooks, the low cost, and last but not least the fantastic, unique service of having ensured the cooperation of teachers all over France for a total immersion experience in their homes and lives, this all makes this method an excellent choice that you won’t regret

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  6. 4.97 (138 reviews)

    NC, Cambridge, UK Verified Owner

    A truly outstanding product of the highest quality, developed with huge attention to detail in all respects. I’ve been using this course every week day for most of a year now and I really enjoy learning with it. It’s worth every penny and I’m delighted to recommend it.

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  7. 4.97 (138 reviews)

    Jeffrey Masters – MN USA Verified Owner

    Level 3 and Level 4 are a good continuation after Level 2. Everything builds at a steady rate, and the lessons are enjoyable because they are all based on a continuing story. Instead of learning being a chore, there’s more motivation to understand because you want to follow the story. It’s almost like learning French is a side benefit instead of the main purpose!

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  8. 4.97 (138 reviews)

    Bairbre, Ontario, Canada Verified Owner

    Thank you for creating great quality and content french audio books. Camilla’s voice is so clear and the format is very helpful. Great value. In my opinion, this is a great product for learning french. I love that I can download it to all my devices so no excuses for not practising french!

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  9. 4.97 (138 reviews)

    Lennart, San Francisco, USA Verified Owner

    I’ve been “studying” French on and offered since I took a year of it in college in the mid 80s. I so wish these audio would have been available then. It’s actually FUN to follow these stories and better yet, they use modern French and everyday expressions. Taking French in college, one learns to express a preference for either liking the black horse or the white one. Turns out that that is not particularly useful in real French conversations.
    I’ve bought level 2,3 and 4 plus two audio books. I’m about halfway through and look forward to every session that I put aside for me to “study” – something I never did before.

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  10. 4.97 (138 reviews)

    Ron Button, England Verified Owner

    A fantastique method of teaching French, the dialogues are interesting and the subjects covered are those of everyday conversation and vocabulary. And to add to that, my French pronunciation has improved dramatically by listening to the audio.

    I have also bought: Secrets of French Pronunciation, Secrets of French Conversation and À Moi Paris L1, L2.

    I wish that I had discovered this audio method when I first started to learn French!

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  11. 4.97 (138 reviews)

    Nallan Rangesh, Midhurst, United Kingdom Verified Owner

    I have been throughly enjoying the Audio books for nearly 2 years now. This method makes it so interesting does not feel like a course at all or you are under any pressure. My compliments to Camille & Oliver for a creative work of making it FUN !! I plan to spend more time every day to make progress. I never thougth I could ever write or speak French at my age of 62. A breath of fresh air really !! This has give me a good hobby and to learn something something very interesting for many more years. My CONGRATS to the creators and GOOD LUCK to them and I am very sure many others are benefiting from this creation.

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  12. 4.97 (138 reviews)

    Sally Court / Sale /Victoria/Australia Verified Owner

    I am always amazed at the generosity of spirit that Camille, Olivier and Leyla share with the world of language learners.
    The system they have developed is clear, logical and practical for modern french communication. Consider yourself fortunate to have come across this family.

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