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How To Learn French

When you are learning French, the first thing to figure out is “how to learn French efficiently“.

1 – Learn French With Audio

Some of you are complete beginners at French. Great! You’re in the right place to start your French language journey. Here are some tips for French beginners.

Many of you however have had some French before. Yet, many students often confess: “although I’ve studied French for years, I can’t understand French people when they speak French!”

The problem is often that you have not studied modern spoken French, today’s French language like everybody in France actually speaks in an everyday situation (my hairdresser, my 80 years old mom, my daughter…)

If you want to be able to communicate in French – not just pass French exams – then maybe you need to study differently. 

2 – Spoken French is Easier Than Written French!

Chances are that the focus of your French studies has been to write French properly and master French conjugations and grammar.

And I agree that grammar is essential to master French. Please don’t believe these methods that claim you don’t need it!

But is formal French your priority right now? Or would you rather learn to communicate in French efficiently and understand the French when they speak French?

So the question I ask is simple: what are your French priorities? Is the French learning method you use adapted to help you reach your French goals?

This section is full of my own French tips  and advice to learn French. My expertise is based on my 24+ years of teaching French to English speakers, both in the US and in France.

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Good luck with your French studies,

Can You Understand Today’s Spoken French?

It’s not just slang. The French everybody speaks in France today is NOT the overly enunciated, extremely formal French usually taught to foreigners.