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A Unique Audio-Based Method to Learn True Modern French


Unlock the French Past and Future Tenses

A serious approach to learning both traditional and modern French. Grammar and vocabulary specifically explained for English speakers. Practice everything you learn with an ongoing and fun novel with realistic dialogues/situations.

L5 + L6

À Moi Paris Method – Upper Intermediate

4.97 (66 reviews)
(66 customer reviews)

Now that you master the French pronouns, time to tackle the tenses.

Understand how you build and use tenses of the past and future in French versus English. Unravel the secrets of Passé Composé versus Imparfait, the elusive “On” and more. Reinforce all these concepts in the context of an ongoing story recorded at 2 different levels of enunciation (enunciated & modern). Q & A section will entice you to practice out loud what you’ve learned and improve your confidence when handling upper intermediate conversations.

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  • Discussing vacations and hobbies
  • Going to the hairdresser and discussing looks
  • Exploring feelings and relationships
  • Addressing a problem in a restaurant
  • Bargaining for prices
  • Discussing diets, nutrition, and ecology
  • Interacting with a young child
  • Talking and making plans over the phone
  • Going on a journey by train
  • Relating pet stories
  • Touring Giverny & discussing art


  • Recap overview of the present (le présent)
  • Depuis ≠ pendant, en, dans, pour, il y a
  • The near future construction (futur proche)
  • The future (futur simple) and the future perfect (le futur antérieur)
  • On versus nous
  • The imperfect (l’imparfait) and the past tense “passé-composé”
  • The participles (le participe présent et le participe passé)
  • A direct and indirect object review
  • How to choose between être or avoir for the passé-composé?
  • The preterit / simple past (le passé simple) and the pluperfect (le plus-que-parfait)
  • Expressing cause and consequences, opposition and restriction


Transcript (PDF)

À Moi Paris Method Upper Intermediate - Table of Contents

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L1 To L8

À Moi Paris French Method - All Levels

4.96 (382 reviews)


Buy all levels at once and save even more! More than 3 days of pro audio recordings and 1700 pages of transcript. These audiobooks will take you from beginner to advanced all while learning in the context of a story recorded at multiple speeds and levels of enunciation. Includes all the story chapters, study guides and Q&A sections of the whole À Moi Paris Method.


4.97 out of 5 stars

66 reviews

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  1. 4.97 (66 reviews)

    Peter Lightfoot, Leamington Spa, England Verified Owner

    I appreciate the way that Camille builds vocabulary by reintroducing unusual words and constructions from earlier books and chapters so reinforcing our familiarity with colloquially spoken French.

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  2. 4.97 (66 reviews)

    Mark Stocks. Springfield Missouri USA Verified Owner

    I really enjoy and appreciate your method and efforts to make learning this wonderful language accessible. I have compared it to other methods and find your way to be much more enjoyable and effective. While I have visited France, I have not yet been able to return. I hope to do so in the near future. Meanwhile I study mostly at home and by myself. I also converse with other French speakers by Whatsapp and find myself more and more confident in both writing and speaking. The most recent audio for me has been the folk tales. It is quite the challenge but also very interesting. Thank you once again for your efforts, particularly during this virus causing so much isolation.
    Bien Cordialement. Mark Stocks

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  3. 4.97 (66 reviews)

    Gregg, Cranbrook, Kent, UK Verified Owner

    Good content, modern style, easy to learn, Modern phrases, it greatly compliments my ageing French grammar tuition which let me read and write but say nothing useful 😀. I appreciate the regular updates which adds to the lessons & is a reminder to keep going, merci beaucoup 😀

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  4. 4.97 (66 reviews)

    DEBRA Australia Verified Owner

    Camille and Oliver are passionate about their language teaching. They continue to update material and to use the latest technology. They are supportive and invested in everyone’s progress.
    The style and presentation of Camille’s material is unique and super clear to follow. Camille has a great voice for these projects, very easy to listen to.
    I like her focus on contemporary spoken French as this connects with my goal to converse with Francophones in a natural way.

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  5. 4.97 (66 reviews)

    Jacqui Haines, France Verified Owner

    I have been living in France now for 5 years during which time I have tried many ways to improve my French. A Moi Paris is the first program that offers just the right balance between grammar and oral comprehension, and, most importantly for me, in manageable “bites.” I never feel overwhelmed and can stop and pick back up at my own pace without losing the thread. It must have taken a lot of hard work to develop the programs to this level and I am very happy to have discovered them. Thank you Camille and Olivier.

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  6. 4.97 (66 reviews)

    Jeffrey Masters – MN USA Verified Owner

    I’m just finishing up L5 now after having gone through Levels 1-4. I really feel like I’ve learned quite a bit, and I’ve progressed to watching French-language TV shows on Netflix. I can actually understand a fair amount of the dialog (the French subtitles help a lot), and it’s because the À Moi Paris series does such a good job explaining everything. I remember the first time I came across a character in a movie who said “Je ne sais pas” but pronounced it “shay pa” and recognizing the gliding that Camille pointed out. Teaching “street French” rather than textbook French is really helpful since that’s how people really talk.

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  7. 4.97 (66 reviews)

    Moira McFarlane – Australia Verified Owner

    I am more than happy to recommend French Today as the most effective way of learning French as it is spoken by the French, as opposed to learning French as a second language to pass exams.

    I spent three years learning my favourite subject at school in Scotland in the 1960s and finally, 50 years later, completed a five-year course here in Perth (1/2 day per week+homework) culminating in A-level French. Those courses were taught in the classroom in the traditional way and although very useful for reading and understanding French grammar and pronunciation and for passing exams, not as useful for confidently speaking French. However, finding French Today after completing the A-level to me was the best thing since sliced bread! It is a much more effective way of learning today’s spoken French and to me is the next step in being able to do so.

    I thank you for all your hard work in establishing French Today and for your continuing updates and newsletters. I thoroughly recommend French Today to anyone who loves the French language and wants to better communicate in French as it is spoken today.

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  8. 4.97 (66 reviews)

    Dr Alexander Moseley (UK) Verified Owner

    Firstly, an apology to Camille and Olivier (and the up and coming Leyla!) for not having written a review on before – they’ve become such a part of my life that it’s easy to forget to be grateful to the creators :))

    I have been using the audiobook series for two years starting with the first story and proceeding to level 7 and 8. I have always felt competent with reading French and its general grammatical structures from school and periodic self-learning, but I struggled with listening skills, particularly with the ‘street French’ that I was completely unaware of…until I listened to Camille’s audios and read her notes and blog!!

    Her team of characters are ‘always in the car’ when I set off on journeys by myself and I have benefitted immensely from repeating the stories (many, many times).

    I picked the audios up for our first sojourn to France in 2017 (five months) and many of the L4 to L6 stories and vocabulary came in very useful; I’m in France again for several more months, this time in the south; and now the upper intermediate are proving their worth as I get to know regulars in the gym, the village, the tennis club my family go, and at the judo club my sons and I attend.

    Finally, my wife and children have started to use L1, and the exercises are so beneficial that I’ve started to formally do the exercises in the upper intermediate levels – rather than just trying to listen to them or answer the exercises while I drive :)).

    Professionally, I’m an educator and coach, and have authored several books, and as an avid learner I can highly recommend Camille’s audios – they are highly accessible (I can always rely on Camille to figuratively hold my hand through the more complex sections), and I love being able to switch between ‘normal’ and ‘street French modes’ … and the grammar reviews are becoming more and more important at this level.

    Thank you! And keep up the good work :) Alex

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  9. 4.97 (66 reviews)

    David Abela – Amaroo, Australia Verified Owner

    I have been using your French Today course for about 9 months now and I’m REALLY enjoying it! I’m currently working through Levels 5 and 6 and I’m also using several other methods as well to compliment my understanding of French such as 2 x textbooks, Duolingo and listening to live daily streaming of French News radio stations (RFI, Europe1 and Franceinfo). I truly believe that of all the methods I’m using, your French Today series is the most effective because it allows me to listen slowly, rewind and repeat, then understand the meaning of words by going back over the lesson and reading the text in French and having the full translation in English to refer to at the same time. The ability to increase the speed to normal Street conversation is also an excellent feature.
    I work as a remote area telecommunications engineer in the Australian outback and do a lot of driving over many days as part of my work, so this allows me to spend many hours listening and learning as I’m driving along. I’m finding it quite easy now to understand most of what is being said in a live French radio broadcast and can also read reasonably well. My goal over the next few years to increase my spoken and written French.

    Ma femme et moi planifions notre premier voyage en France (pour deux mois) l’annee prochaine et nous avons vraiment hate!

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  10. 4.97 (66 reviews)

    Michael Grant – Pawleys Island, SC USA Verified Owner

    The entire À Moi Paris series and accompanying books are a treasure trove of material. The step-wise method of learning makes it easy for the student to start slowly and build. Since I purchased and used all 8 levels of À Moi Paris and all the Verb Drills and the Adjectives books, this review covers all of these. Camille has put a massive amount of work into this material and it is filled with the kind of French you actually will need to learn to speak. She includes a huge number of slang and even vulgar expressions (face it…that is how we all talk…and you need to know these in French) and she covers every verb tense, all those pesky French pronouns, positive and negative sentence structure, indirect speech, cause/consequence, hypothetical speech, and everything else you need to know. I used her series to take me from knowing very little French to just below a level B1 (the level one needs to demonstrate to become a French citizen). If you work with this material and apply yourself in every chapter, you can get to a B1/B2 (Intermediate) level too! It is a lot of work, true. But if you want to really learn French as it is spoken, À Moi Paris will help you do it! Bon courage!! Michael

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  11. 4.97 (66 reviews)

    Maureen, Menlo Park, California Verified Owner

    I’ve studied French for many, many years and this, by far, are the best audiobooks. My weakness has always been understanding when someone speaks. This takes much of the fear and apprehension away since Camille does such a good job teaching you how to improve your listening skills. The two speeds of the audio books and seeing the written word in both English and French have given me more confidence in responding to what I hear in conversation.

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  12. 4.97 (66 reviews)

    Christine (Originally from the UK, living in Toulouse, France) Verified Owner

    I have been living in Toulouse, France since September 2018. In June 2019, after studying for 6 months full-time at a highly regarded French Language School in Toulouse, I passed the DELF B2 French language proficiency exam. But I still struggled with my French pronunciation and whilst I could do all the basic tourist interactions: restaurants, shops, transport, hotels, camping, directions… easily I found French people struggled to understand me and I was still struggling to understand them. I needed help.

    I came across Camille’s website and bought A Moi Paris Level 5, whilst I thought this level was perhaps too easy for me, having passed the exam, my confidence needed a big boost and I thought it might be good to cover old ground. Having used Level 5 and about to start Level 6 I highly recommend A Moi Paris audiobooks.

    Camille’s explanation of the difference between the daily spoken use of Futur Proche versus Futur Simple is the best explanation I’ve come across and this one little thing immediately helped me understand a mistake I was making when talking to French people (this had not been explained to me in my exam preparation courses). But the books include much more than a simple audio guide with exercises, for example direct hyperlinks to French songs on Youtube, songs with their lyrics in French which specifically cover either a point of grammar or pronunciation which English speakers often find difficult. I use the books at the Street Level speed but when I miss ‘une liaison ou l’élison’ I slow the speed down to the Slower Level and repeat it just to make sure I have mastered the sound and the linking between the words.

    After 3 weeks of using A Moi Paris my French friends tell me that my pronunciation has improved, they now understand 90% of what I’m saying and I speak so much more confidently now. I wish I had known about A Moi Paris before I spent thousands of euros on full-time lessons at a highly regarded french language school, I could have saved myself a lot of money and been a more confident speaker. French Language Schools intensive 4 week courses in Toulouse range in price from €560- €880.

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