French Macaron: 5 Reasons Why It Is So Popular

Author: Chef Anthony At Pastreez

French macaron are among the top sweet delicacy. They come in almost every color and flavor, and are present in the most prestigious venues. What’s the reason for this little French cookie’s extreme popularity?

About the author: Anthony started Pastreez in the US. This French bakery is an e-commerce store that offers handmade macaron delivery. These tasty macaron flavors ship fresh in the entire United States.

1.   Macaron is part of French history

Macaron popularity is mainly due to its history. Macarons go way back in France. In fact, it all started back in the 1600s when Catherine De Médicis traveled from Italy to France.

She was meant to marry the French king, and wanted to bring her favorite dessert to France: “Macaroni”. A macaroni is the shell of todays’ macaron. It is more like a dry “galette” rather than the dessert we know today.

Once in France, the king chef was intrigued by it and decided to add a twist: “Sandwich” two macaronis with a wet filling. The macaron was born.

2.   Simple ingredients. Complex recipe.

Macarons are very, very hard to make. It is one of the most complex dessert recipes, but I tried to make it simple for you: you’ll find my own authentic macaron recipe here!

Ingredients are: Almond flour, egg white, cane sugar and powdered sugar. Then for the filling it can either be a “ganache” or a buttercream.

Buttercream is made with butter and usually has more fat. As opposed, a “ganache” is lighter and made with white chocolate.

We’re often asked what are the best macaron flavors out there. It’s not much about the flavor itself. I would describe its taste as crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside.

What makes a macaron perfect is the balance of texture.

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3.   Fits all occasions

Often known as “party cookies”, macarons stand out because of their variety of colors. You can find pink, blue, purple, green, gold… You name it! This makes it perfect for all kinds of events.

With my experience, I can say weddings and baby showers are paired with macarons. Their classy look will help decorate your dessert table on this special occasion.

Then, macarons are also very popular as a gift. It can be for a birthday or anniversary, but it has a greater impact on Mother’s day, valentine’s day (heart shaped macarons) and for Christmas.

4.   Authentic Macarons are hard to find

I mentioned how hard it is to make macarons. Needless to say it is very hard to find authentic macarons, especially in the United States.

In my search for the best macarons in the US, I noticed that most bakeries were making them in bulk and… Freezing them. They also use a lot of butter, which causes every filling to taste the same.

For best experience, macarons can’t be frozen. You’ll lose the perfect texture balance I mentioned earlier, because of the thawing process. The outer shell will be wet and say goodbye to your tasty dessert.

Finding authentic macarons handcrafted by French chefs  is a real challenge, especially if you’re not in a big city.

5.   Flavor for everyone

Last but not least, there is a wide variety of  macaron flavors. In fact, it’s up to the baker’s imagination! I’ll list the two most authentic ones here, with a few popular twists.

Pistachio macaron

By far, the Pistachio macaron is the most popular in our bakery at Pastreez. The handcrafted Pistachio paste matches perfectly with the green macaron shells.

Caramel macaron

Another classic is the salted caramel macaron. Its delicate ganache filling makes it a perfect treat for kids and caramel lovers.

But flavors can be fun too! I would like to mention the Galaxy macaron. We called it this way because its shells are colored like a rainbow. Its flavor? Strawberry cheesecake. These are most of the time sold out!

You now know why macarons are such a popular dessert. Make sure to comment below for any question, I’m always happy to share!

Author: Chef Anthony At Pastreez

Chef Anthony At Pastreez

Have you ever asked yourself, where to find macarons near me? Anthony is the French chef at Pastreez, an online bakery where you can buy macarons online. It ships fresh to your door in the entire United States!

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