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French Vocabulary

French Vocabulary for Mother’s Day + French Poem Video

Leyla By Leyla on May 21, 2019

Bonjour – I’m Leyla, Camille and Olivier’s daughter and I’m 4. Every year, we learn a poem at school for Mother’s day (la fĂȘte des mĂšres). This year, my parents took a video so we can share it with you. Enjoy!

1 – Mother’s Day French Vocabulary

  1. Maman = mom (you could possibly call your mom “mùre” but it is quite distant and not very used nowadays)
  2. une maman = a mom (informal)
  3. une mĂšre = a mother (more formal)
  4. une daronne = mom in modern slang (I don’t recommend you use it)
  5. une fille = a girl, a daughter
  6. une belle-mĂšre = both mother-in-law and step-mother
  7. bonne fĂȘte (des mĂšres) Maman = happy (mother’s) day Mom
  8. j’ai un cadeau pour toi = I have a present for you
  9. un collier de nouilles / de pates = a pasta necklace
  10. une poterie = a pottery
  11. un dessin = a drawing
  12. un projet manuel = arts and crafts project
  13. une carte de voeux = a greeting card
  14. un petit-dĂ©jeuner au lit = breakfast in bed (Leyla’s specialty :-)
  15. je t’aime Maman = I love you Mom
  16. Tu es la meilleure des mamans = you’re the best mom

In France, Mother’s Day “la fĂȘte des mĂšres” is the last Sunday in May. Note that in French, we say “Mothers’ Day”, Mothers in the plural :-)

2 – Mother’s Day Poem in French

L1 + L2

À Moi Paris Method – Beginner

4.95 (215 reviews)

On this vidéo, I am 4 1/2, and we just moved back to France.

I love living close to my family, and love my new school and speaking French to my friends, but I still speak English at home with my parents, and I watch TV only in English, so I am a bilingual kid.

I hope you like my video, if so, press the facebook share button!


3 – Transcript of the French Mother’s Day Poem

Ma main est une fleur
Mes doigts sont les cinq pétales

Dis moi jolie petite fleur

Est-ce que ma maman

M’aime de tout son coeur ?

Elle m’aime un peu, beaucoup,
Passionnément, à la folie,
Pas du tout.
Pas du tout ??
Vilaine petite fleur !
Je sais que ma maman
M’aime de tout son coeur !

Note from Camille: Leyla says: “une main est une fleur” instead of “ma main”… little mistake.
Then she says “mes doigts Y (for “ils”) sont les cinq pĂ©tales” – that’s common spoken French for you!

4 – Translation of the French Mother’s Day Poem

My hand is a flower
My fingers are the five petals
Tell me pretty flower
Does my Mom love me with all her heart ?
She loves me a little, a lot,
Passionately, madly,
Not at all.
Not at all ??
Naughty little flower!
I know my mom
Loves me with all her heart!

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