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Mother’s Day in French

Leyla By Leyla - updated on Oct 23, 2020

Bonjour – I’m Leyla, Camille and Olivier’s daughter and I’m 4. Every year, we learn a poem at school for Mother’s day (la fête des mères). My parents took a video so we can share it with you. Enjoy!

Mother’s day in France is a happy celebration. Both children and grown-ups do something special for their mom on this day.

Kids tend to make something for their mom – sometimes it’s a school project – or like my daughter Leyla when she was younger – learn a French poem or a French song for their mom, make a drawing, a pasta necklace…

For mother’s day, French adults usually bring some flowers, take their mom to a restaurant or treat her to a fancy homemade cooked meal.

It’s not unusual for dads to give a present to their wives as well, but that’s more for Valentine’s Day in France ❤️.

Now let’s see how we say Mother’s day in French.

1 – How do you Say Mother’s Day in French

Mother’s Day in French is “la fête des mères”. Note that we say Mothers’ day in the plural in French.

2 – When is Mother’s Day in France

In France, Mother’s Day “la fête des mères” is the last Sunday in May, unless this is the same day as a Christian Holiday, which happens from time to time. Then it’s the first Sunday of June: it is the case in 2020.

3 – Happy Mother’s Day in French

To say happy Mother’s Day in French, we say: “joyeuse fête des mères”. That’s the common way of wishing someone happy Mother’s day in French.

When a French child is talking to his/her mom, s/he may say: “bonne fête Maman” or “joyeuse fête maman”!

4 – Mother in French

To say Mother in French, or Mom in French, we use several words:

  1. Maman = mom (you could possibly call your mom “mère” but it is quite distant and not very used nowadays)
  2. une maman = a mom (informal)
  3. une mère = a mother (more formal)
  4. une daronne = mom in modern slang (I don’t recommend you use it)
  5. une belle-mère = both mother-in-law and step-mother

5 – Mother’s Day French Vocabulary

What would a french kid say to his/her mom on Mother’s day? Here are a few examples

  1. j’ai un cadeau pour toi = I have a present for you
  2. je t’ai fait un dessin = I made you a drawing
  3. je t’aime Maman = I love you Mom – More about I love you in French
  4. je t’aime de tout mon coeur = I love you with all my heart
  5. Tu es la meilleure des mamans = you’re the best mom

6 – French Mother’s Day Presents

Here are some typical presents for mother’s day in France.

  1. un collier de nouilles / de pates = a pasta necklace
  2. une poterie = a pottery
  3. un dessin = a drawing
  4. un projet manuel = arts and crafts project
  5. une carte de voeux = a greeting card
  6. un poème = a poem
  7. un chanson = a song
  8. un air de musique = a music piece
  9. un petit-déjeuner au lit = breakfast in bed (my daughter’s Leyla’s specialty :-)
  10. un bouquet de fleurs = flower arrangement
  11. un crème pour le corps = a body cream
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7 – Mother’s Day Poem in French – Video

On this vidéo, Leyla is 4 1/2, and we just moved back to France from Boston, MA, USA.

Leyla loves living close to her family, and loves her new school and speaking French to her friends, but she still speaks English at home with us, and she watches TV exclusively in English, so she’s a bilingual kid (and still is to this day).

Let’s start with the poem she learned in school when she was 4 1/2. Can you detect a slight American accent? It’s so cute!

8 – French Transcript of the French Mother’s Day Poem

Ma main est une fleur
Mes doigts sont les cinq pétales
Dis moi jolie petite fleur
Est-ce que ma maman
M’aime de tout son coeur ?

Elle m’aime un peu, beaucoup,
Passionnément, à la folie,
Pas du tout.
Pas du tout ??
Vilaine petite fleur !
Je sais que ma maman
M’aime de tout son coeur !

Note: Leyla says: “une main est une fleur” instead of “ma main”… little mistake.
Then she says “mes doigts Y (for “ils”) sont les cinq pétales” – that’s common spoken French for you!

9 – English Translation of the French Mother’s Day Poem

My hand is a flower
My fingers are the five petals
Tell me pretty flower
Does my Mom love me with all her heart ?
She loves me a little, a lot,
Passionately, madly,
Not at all.
Not at all ??
Naughty little flower!
I know my mom
Loves me with all her heart!

10 – Another French Mother’s Day Poem Video

The next year, Leyla learned another poem. This time, her English accent is completely gone!

French Mother’s Day Poem

J’ai cherché dans les poèmes
Comment dire “je t’aime”.
J’ai trouvé des mots savants
Bien trop longs pour mes cinq ans !
Alors, j’ai cherché ailleurs,
Et j’ai trouvé dans mon coeur,
Les mots que tu m’as appris
Quand j’étais encore petite.
Maman, je t’aime, grand comme ça !
Je le dis avec mes bras….

English Translation of the French Mother’s day Poem

I looked in the poems
How to say ” I love you ” .
I found big words
Too long for my five years!
So I looked elsewhere ,
And I found in my heart,
The words you taught me
When I was still small .
Mom, I love you , big like that!
I say it with my arms ….

Awwwwwhhhh. my heart melts each time I watch these videos… Moi aussi je t’aime de tout mon coeur ma Leylounette chérie !

Joyeuse fête des mères à toutes les mamans du monde !

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