50 French Castle & Royalty Words 🤴👸

Author: Camille Chevalier-Karfis

Learn the French castle vocabulary as well as the French nobility titles, how to say king in French… French terms with English translations.

It’s difficult to travel to France without visiting at least one castle. Castles are everywhere in France!

This list of French castle vocabulary and French nobility terms will certainly come in handy.

24 French Castle Words

  1. un château fort – fortified castle, stronghold
  2. le pont-levis – drawbridge
  3. une meurtrière – arrow slit
  4. le donjon – keep (watch out – not “dungeon”)
  5. un cachot – dungeon
  6. une prison – jail
  7. les créneaux – crenelations (openings on top of the ramparts)
  8. un corps de garde – gatehouse
  9. la grande salle – great hall
  10. les douves (f) – moat
  11. une herse – portcullis
  12. le trône – throne
  13. une tour – tower
  14. une tourelle – turret
  15. les remparts – rampart, wall
  16. une tour de guet – watchtower
  17. la cotte de mailles – chain mail
  18. un archer – archer
  19. l’armure (f) – armor
  20. une épée – sword
  21. une arbalète – crossbow
  22. un bouclier – shield
  23. un belier – battering ram
  24. une catapulte – catapult
  25. le siège – siege

Can you suggest more French castle terms? Please add them in French and English to the comments below and I’ll add them up to the list!

Now that we’ve studied the French castle terms, let’s see the French vocabulary to talk about French nobility.

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22 French Nobility Titles

How do you say king in French?

In French, the king is “le roi”.

How do you say queen in French?

In French, the queen is “la reine”.

French Nobility Titles

  1. un chevalier – knight
  2. un seigneur – lord
  3. un baron – baron
  4. une baronne – baroness
  5. un vicomte – viscount
  6. une vicomtesse – viscountess
  7. un comte – count
  8. une comtesse – countess
  9. un marquis – marques
  10. une marquise – marquesa / marquise
  11. un duc – duke (say the final c)
  12. une duchesse – duchess
  13. un prince – prince
  14. une princesse – princess
  15. un roi – king
  16. une reine – queen
  17. le dauphin – heir apparent
  18. la dauphine – crown princess
  19. L’empereur – emperor
  20. l’imperatrice – empress

13 Other French Royalty Terms

  1. la noblesse – nobility
  2. un /une noble – noble person
  3. l’aristocratie (f) – aristocracy
  4. un / une aristocrate – aristocrat
  5. la monarchie – monarchy
  6. un monarque – monarch
  7. la dynastie – dynasty
  8. l’empire (m) – empire
  9. imperial – imperial
  10. le régent – regent
  11. royal – royal
  12. son altesse royale – his/her royal highness
  13. le trône – throne

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Author: Camille Chevalier-Karfis

Camille Chevalier-Karfis

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