French Immersion Homestay At Camille's In Paimpol - Bretagne

With Camille - your French tutor, language buddy & host

6-day custom luxury experience  

  • Experience at least 10 hours of personalized, one-on-one formal French instruction with French language expert Camille
  • Relax in a cozy bedroom with a study area, and indulge in your own private bathroom equipped with both a shower and a bathtub, as well as your personal separated toilet, all within my home
  • Prepare and enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner with me, and occasionally dine out together as well
  • Explore Paimpol through four customized French practice outings designed to match your interests
  • Join me solo as my exclusive student, or bring along your family or friends. My house features three guest rooms
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Would you like to elevate your French skills and boost your confidence in speaking with native French speakers? Are you excited about exploring French culture while savoring fresh local produce, exquisite French wines and cheeses? Picture yourself guided by a friendly, people-oriented French expert who will unravel the nuances of the language and encourage you to converse comfortably in French. Welcome to my home, nestled in the stunning coastal town of Paimpol, away from the usual tourist paths, along the Breton sea.


Private Bathroom
Multiple Bedrooms
Public Transportation
Free Parking

Sleeping Arrangements

Bedroom 1
1 queen bed
Bedroom 2
1 double bed
Bedroom 3
1 double bed

Meet Camille - your French tutor, language buddy & host In France

Bonjour! I'm Camille, co-founder and voice of French Today, creator of the acclaimed "À Moi Paris" method and 25 other audiobooks.

Originally from Paris, I made Boston my home for 17 years before returning to France with dual citizenship.

After a decade building French Today, I'm thrilled to focus on one-on-one teaching again. Join me to explore my beautiful region and unlock your inner French!

Embark On A Unique Immersion Experience

This isn't your typical French immersion. There's no set program—I'll completely tailor your stay to suit you.

Whether you prefer a structured approach with formal morning lessons, afternoon outings, and homework, or a more spontaneous, seize-the-day style, I'll make it happen.

Paimpol is alive with opportunities to practice French among my many friends and the vibrant local community.

You'll be welcomed into my spacious and cozy city home, right in the heart of Paimpol, just a ten-minute stroll from shops, restaurants, coastal paths and the sea.

You can come alone and have my undivided attention, or bring your partner or friends. If you're accompanied by English speakers, I'll ensure everyone feels included and enjoys a fantastic vacation.

I'll aim to strike the perfect balance between study, outings, and relaxation. Immersing yourself in a new language and culture can be tiring, so downtime in your private suite will be a welcome retreat.

Join me for meals and evenings if you like. Sometimes we'll dine out, but I take pleasure in preparing home-cooked meals—fresh salads, charcuterie, cheeses for lunch, and often fish or chicken with veggies for dinner.

You might enjoy visiting the local market with me and chatting with vendors. Cooking together is also a fun way to practice French.

My friends are excited to meet my immersion guests, and most of them don't speak English, providing you with ample opportunities to practice French. They have a variety of interests including golf, history, fishing, cooking, theater, art... Let me know your preferences, and I'll invite the right person to enrich your French studycation.

I also have a friendly, hypoallergenic Havanese bichon puppy named Vinky. He's a great listener and will never critizise your French!

Discover what my students have to say about their transformative journey with me. Read their testimonials at the bottom of this page.

Learn French In France – Your French immersion Program in Paimpol, Bretagne

Located just a short train ride from Paris and with direct ferries to England, Brittany offers an ideal setting to practice your French.

Picture pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters, rocky pathways leading to secluded chapels, and authentic villages with cobblestone streets and timbered houses.

Discover the secluded island of Bréhat, known as "l'ßle aux fleurs," and marvel at the pink granite coast. Not to mention, the iconic Mont-Saint-Michel is just a day-trip away.

Explore our authentic Breton town of Paimpol

With a population of 8,000 in winter and swelling to 30,000 in summer, Paimpol is a favored vacation spot for the French. The atmosphere is relaxed, and locals are welcoming to tourists who contribute to the vibrant scene of restaurants, shops, and cafés.

More about Camille and the region

View Camille's articles on French Today's blog.

Your French Immersion Homestay Accommodations in Paimpol, Bretagne

Let's delve into the details of your accommodation at my house.

Ideally situated between Paimpol's town center—just a 10-minute stroll away from shops, restaurants, and the harbor—and the scenic sea shore with its sandy beaches and picturesque hiking trails, my house is perfectly positioned for you to make the most of your French immersion experience.

My home is not your typical Breton house—it features an open-plan layout downstairs with modern amenities.

Downstairs, there's a spacious living room,  a large kitchen area with a dining table and a pelet stove, then a garage/pantry/laundry area and a toilet.

What about the garden? Who needs one when the sea is just down the street?

Your Private Retreat

After a day of practicing French, unwind in your private and tranquil space—the student suite.

Located in the quietest part of the house upstairs, your suite includes a comfortable bedroom with a large queen bed (160 x 200 cm), premium bedding, ample storage, and a small desk equipped with fast fiber internet and your own TV with access to Netflix and French TV. If you don't bring a laptop, I'll provide one for you.

Indulge in your own private bathroom equipped with both a shower and a bathtub, as well as a separated toilet—all exclusively for your use on the same floor as your bedroom.

Plentiful towels and a powerful hairdryer are available, and I even have a washing machine and... a dryer (a rarity in France!).

There are three guest bedrooms upstairs, each with a comfortable study area, so feel free to bring friends along!

My bedroom is also upstairs but on the opposite side of the house, with its own private bathroom.

See You Soon in Paimpol!

I'm eagerly anticipating welcoming you to my home. I firmly believe that an immersion stay with me will boost your confidence in speaking French and elevate your language skills. Whether you're visiting alone or with family, you'll enjoy a truly enriching learning vacation.

As my program is in high demand, I recommend contacting me soon to begin our planning process. Click the link below to access a contact form. I'll respond promptly and provide you with a list of frequently asked questions to assist you in making an informed decision.

Additionally, I am keen to learn more about you! When you fill out the contact form, please share details about yourself, including your current French proficiency level, your language learning goals, and any specific interests or preferences you have for your immersion experience. This information will be instrumental in assessing  the suitability of my immersion program to meet your needs and expectations.

I look forward to meeting you soon !

Camille, your French friend in Paimpol

Contact Camille - your French tutor, language buddy & host

French Immersion in Paimpol, Bretagne

Reviews (14)

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I am a beginning French student – I have never spoken French or taken a French class.  My wife, who speaks French very well, was going on a one-week immersion to Paimpol to study with Camille of “My French Friend.”  She invited me to go with her, but I was hesitant because I did not speak French.  I decided to go anyway.  What a great decision that was!

Camille spent one solid hour with me each morning, and one solid hour with my wife.  Our lessons were geared to our own individual level of knowledge and never overlapped.  I felt so comfortable with the basic learning and the French learning method Camille used.   I had fun with the lessons and couldn’t believe the French words were coming from MY mouth.

After morning lessons, and a delicious lunch made by Camille, we all visited many beautiful sites in Paimpol, had picnics, and spoke as friends. Camille would converse in French at my wife’s level and Camille would translate to English for me.  I never felt isolated or left out.  We walked several times to beautiful beaches and took pictures of the marvelous scenery.  I felt she had planned these walks specifically for me since I am an amateur photographer.  We visited a deserted Abbey, ate at wonderful restaurants, and explored the town market.  I felt very much at home.

If you’ve ever considered a French language immersion, this is the one to select.

C’est magnifique!


I was so excited to return this year for my second immersion with Camille of My French Friend! My stay with her last year was so wonderful that when I read she was offering immersions again this year I wrote immediately with a great big “YES! I want to come again!” And although I wouldn’t have thought it possible, this year’s trip was even more wonderful.

Camille is a gifted teacher and has a knack for tailoring lessons to each student individually rather than the one-size-fits-all approach from some other immersive experiences. Each lesson was designed specifically for me, for my level, my interests, and with an understanding of how I learn best. She is patient beyond words, and best of all, we had so much FUN together, laughing our way through even the most difficult grammar instruction- a particular challenge of mine.

All that plus a comfortable and beautiful home to live in, delicious, healthy food (again, tailored to my own specific tastes) and fabulous excursions and day trips- and the breathtaking scenery of Paimpol and Brittany.

Need I say more? Run don’t walk to study in this fabulous immersion with Camille.

I wonder
 is it too early to apply for next summer?

Cinq Étoiles 
In April,  I had the good fortune to attend a 10 day,  solo, in-home French immersion with Camille in Paimpol, France.   It was an intense learning experience, in a beautiful region of France, with an amazing host. A Five Star experience without reservation.
Intense French Experience 
From “Bonjour Robert” in the morning to “bonne nuit” in the evening, each day was a powerhouse of French learning.
Mornings  began with breakfast and light French conversation that transitioned into  two hour structured lessons.  Lessons were based on French Today’s amazing learning app with the  À Moi Paris curriculum .
A tasty shared lunch, then a welcome break to rest and do homework, then afternoons and evenings were spent in the community interacting with locals, participating in various events and touring the region.
All  French.  All the time. Challenging, at times exhausting, but always exhilarating.
Amazing Host   
The opportunity to be part of a French family far exceeded my expectations.
A solo, in-home learning experience with Camille is more like being a foreign exchange student with a wonderful host family.
Comfortable private accommodations, a well stocked refrigerator and pantry, and delicious meals made me feel like I was part of her family.
The bonus for me? I was constantly being encouraged to speak French 24×7. No escaping!  By the time I left, I was dealing confidently with daily life in French. It was a real break through for me!
Beautiful Region
Paimpol is a small French town located on the rugged north west Atlantic coast  in Bretagne (Brittany).  Easy to reach by train from Paris, Paimpol is a historical fishing port with the surrounding area rich in  local produce like artichokes, tomatoes, and strawberries. Beautiful spring flowers everywhere.
Warm authentic people more than willing to speak French with learners 
I had so many wonderful and diverse  local experiences including playing golf, attending the Coquilles St Jacques Festival, beach picnics, local shopping and Michelin fine dining where I treated Camille and her friend Jean-Loup who had taken me golfing.
However,  my favorite was  attending a  theatre production of an incredibly intense dialogue between two actors regarding an unsolved murder. It gave me a whole new appreciation and understanding  of French theatre and film .  After the show,  the audience stayed for 2 hours to discuss the play with the actors – friends of Camille who ended up sitting at our table and we enjoyed  a wonderful light dinner together.
More French all the time. It seemed like everyone wanted to talk with me. A very rich community experience.
Thank you Camille for a wonderful immersion experience. I can’t wait to come back.
Susan (and Andy)

I had studied French in high school and college, and also worked with a tutor several years ago with the goal of brushing up my language skills before a trip to France. I had lots of reading and writing experience, but no conversational skills
.at all!

I discovered Camille’s French Today FB page several years ago and was curious about her audio teaching methods. I explored her curriculum and wanted to take advantage of her language study approach. When Camille opened up her schedule and home to Immersion students this year, I was excited to sign up.

My partner Andy joined me for our October 2023 study week in Paimpol with Camille. He had never studied French, but was ready to try!

It was fascinating to work with a teacher of Camille’s caliber. She accessed our individual and joint needs and expectations, and we jumped right into a group lesson plan.

Our daily 3-hour morning study sessions were focused and very fun! Using the French Today App/curriculum, Camille was able to structure the language grid I needed to make sense of my random years of study
with a focus on pronunciation. At the same time, she applied the same organization to introduce and work with Andy as a complete beginner. I had a bit more knowledge, but Andy was fearless and we made a good study team. Lol :)

We covered a lot of ground because Camille’s teaching method gave us the foundation to understand and review the basics, and to move forward from there – Andy and I left with the tools to continue our studies using our French Today materials at home.

Camille’s vibrant personality and beautiful peaceful home made our visit even more exceptional. We loved our food, wine and chat sessions (in French). Study breaks to the sea coast for walks, a swim, a picnic, to explore the town of Paimpol and field trips throughout the surrounding area – stopping in to visit with a local artist, cooking dinner with Chef Olivier, and much more made for a busy and again, very fun week!


I have taken immersion courses before in Nice and Biarritz, but each time my wife – who has no interest in learning French – has accompanied me, so the courses ended up more of a hosted vacation rather than a true immersion into the French language and culture.

But this course was different.
From the moment my train arrived in Paimpol to the moment I left, I heard and spoke very little English.  Although Camille and Oliver speak excellent English, they made every effort not to.  And none of Camille’s friends spoke English either.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a beautiful smiling Camille who picked up my 50 lb suitcase with one hand and tossed it into the rear of her car as if it were a baguette.  She then drove me to her home, carried my suitcase upstairs and showed me my suite consisting of 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a WC.  For my privacy, the entire suite was curtained off from the rest of the upstairs.
My room was quiet, comfortable and well appointed.

As the weather was nice, Camille drove us to a remote isolated area and after following a trail through an old forest, we perched on a cliff overlooking a river and served a picnic dinner with champagne as we watched the sun set.
A goéland (seagull) that Camille had patiently been training to eat from her hand joined us for dinner

The next day settled into a routine.  Breakfast around 9:00 followed by 2 to 3 hours of instruction followed by a pause, then lunch followed by either a scheduled activity or some freetime, then cooking with Camille and dinner with her and sometimes a friend of hers.

There was usually 2 to 3 hours of devoirs (homework) assigned everyday, but I rarely if ever got to all of it (and would receive a disappointed look and sigh the next day – and was even chastised once for not knowing my verb conjugations well enough to respond without thinking in the negative imparfait or using direct and indirect object pronouns in the negative interrogative  form of past conditional. I’m joking of course !!)   

I started taking lessons from Camille about 20 years ago when she lived in Boston.
After she and Olivier moved to Paimpol, my wife and I visited them on several occasions and they were gracious enough to let us stay with them and be shown all the local sights. 

So for my activities since I had already seen the more common sights, I chose some unusual activities such as a tour of a local oyster farm followed by an afternoon of pétanque (unheard of in the US, but a national pastime in France). 

My host and guide Dominique assures me that pĂ©tanque will soon be an Olympic event (which I suspect  will get as much airtime as  curling  or badminton). I received instructions on how to hold the hefty steel ball lightly with 4 fingers, swing the arm fully  and launch the ball in a high arc so that it lands with a bit of back spin and doesn’t roll.

I still don’t understand the rules but here is what I took away.  The game is started when someone throws out a cute little ball called a cochonette (piglet).  Then each team takes turns trying to smash the bejesus out of it by tossing really heavy steel balls at it.

Dominique plays for hours every day and is quite good.  I was a complete beginner.
We obviously lost our first match, but we crushed the other team on the second match, 16 to 3..   After a couple of exhausting give-it-your-all matches, we were completely worn out and went to a bar across the street where Dominique bought me a beer and discussed the art of the game.
The next day Dominique asked Camille if I was available to play on his team again.

On another day I took a tour with a local guide and learned how the French resistance risked it all and frequently lost their own lives while smuggling downed Allied airmen to a local beach in the middle of moonless nights so that they could be picked up and returned to England.

One evening I received a cooking lesson from Olivier.  We (mostly he) made a spatchcock chicken on the weber and Jamie Oliver potatoes.  

And since the French food is cooked without any (hot) spices and since the French believe that corn is only for pigs and cows, I brought with me all the spices (including fresh jalapenos ) necessary to make a real mouth warming, sweat on the forehead SouthWest style Chili and all the ingredients to make cornbread.

Camille invited over a group of friends who had never had either before for a Chili soirĂ©e. She put the brakes on the spice telling me that her friends wouldn’t eat it if it were even mildly spicy. We found all the other necessary ingredients at the local Carrefour and I simmered the sauce and beef for two days.  We also found Tortilla chips (corn) and fresh avocados so we made guacamole as well.  We also served all the usual toppings such as grated cheese, creme fraiche, onions, black olives, etc…

To my surprise, Camille’s friends loved it (or at least pretended to !)  They finished all the cornbread, and most of the Chili.  Some wanted more and more jalapeno to amp up the heat in the Chili and Guacamole.  One of them took a whole fresh jalapeno home with her!    

So all in all, I had a great time, made some new friends and had an opportunity to practice speaking and hearing just French for my entire stay.  Camille should name her immersion courses “Learn French while having fun” or something like that 

If I can fit it into my schedule and can get another hall pass from my wife, I hope to be back next year.

Angela and Humphrey

We had a wonderful week with you in Paimpol, certainly exceeding our expectations. Many thanks for making us so welcome.

I was slightly apprehensive it has to be said as I had never overcome feeling daunted when attempting to speak French. My time with you was both encouraging and rewarding with your unique approach to teaching, creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere with lots of opportunity to have fun. A huge benefit of your immersion stay was that you provided a course specifically for me and that you addressed my very limiting lack of confidence. Speaking with Olivier and other delightful friends to whom we were introduced also helped enormously to overcome my fears and to go for it!

Humph really enjoyed himself too and very much appreciated being included in our various jaunts together and with your friends, including a memorable visit to the island of Bréhat in glorious sunshine, exploring Tréguier, enjoying crÚpes Bretonne, Apérol Spritz and rosé generously poured at sunset picnics overlooking the sea. Merveilleux!

You provide perfect accommodation both spacious and comfortable; in fact you’ve thought of everything one could need for a combination of study and holiday in the lovely town of Paimpol.


Mon sĂ©jour chez Camille a Ă©tĂ© excellent. C’est une professeure trĂšs professionnelle et une hĂŽtesse merveilleuse.

Le logement était de premiÚre classe. Une chambre, une salle de bain, un WC et un bureau. Le signal wifi était fort. Il y a un grand écran dans le bureau, et si vous oubliez votre ordinateur, elle en a un ordinateur en réserve.

Camille est une bonne cuisiniÚre et bien sûr son mari Olivier est un grand cuisinier. Avec un ami de Camille, nous avons déterré des palourdes à la plage. Olivier les a transformées en un délicieux repas avec du saumon, du riz et des légumes.

Camille a eu la gentillesse de m’emmener Ă  Carnac que j’avais toujours voulu voir. Les alignements de milliers de mĂ©galithes Ă©taient spectaculaires. Et bien sĂ»r, on pense Ă  ObĂ©lix et AstĂ©rix.

Je recommande vivement un séjour en immersion avec Camille. Je vous garantis que vous ne serez pas déçu.

Gwyyny (and Jessica)

Une semaine avec Camille a Ă©tĂ© absolument gĂ©niale. Camille est un excellent professeur de français ; elle est trĂšs facile de comprendre et elle explique la langue française d’une maniĂšre trĂšs facile et amusante.

Camille planifie cette semaine d’immersion incroyablement bien ; il y a du temps pour les cours, du temps pour les devoirs et du temps pour se reposer.

Les repas étaient délicieux et il était trÚs agréable de participer à la cuisine. Camille était trÚs attentive aux aliments que nous aimions.

Camille consacre vraiment du temps et de l’Ă©nergie pour s’assurer que vous passiez le meilleur moment possible, en explorant la rĂ©gion, en rencontrant ses trĂšs charmants amis et en organisant des activitĂ©s surprises.

Tout cela Ă©tait trĂšs amusant et je n’avais pas autant ri depuis longtemps !

Je ne saurais trop recommander une semaine avec Camille.

Jessica (et Gwynny)

Comment dĂ©crire des vacances en immersion avec Camille?  C’est presque impossible mĂȘme avec un bon niveau de français et avec un vocabulaire assez grand !

En fait, une description de tout ce qu’on a fait pendant une semaine belle et bien chargĂ©e n’est pas suffisante. Pas du tout !

Un sĂ©jour avec Camille (et ses amis) c’est plutĂŽt une expĂ©rience pour le cƓur.  Camille offre son cƓur, toute son Ă©nergie en tant que professeure incroyable mais aussi en tant que femme chaleureuse, amusante, inventive, crĂ©ative, attentive et bien plus.

Elle a la capacitĂ© de changer ta vie non seulement comme apprenant de français mais aussi en tant qu’un ĂȘtre humain.  Avec sa sagesse, son enthousiasme et sa dĂ©termination, elle nous montre que nous avons, nous aussi, la possibilitĂ© de nourrir notre vie en tenant un verre toujours demi plein et prĂȘt Ă  remplir !

Je rentre avec de bons souvenirs et avec le dĂ©sir de voir, Ă  nouveau, mes objectifs d’une optique diffĂ©rente.

Merci mille fois Camille pour avoir été si inspirante.


” My week-long immersion with Camille was life-changing!

Her approach gave me the confidence and tools to make great progress in a short amount of time. Camille’s energy, love of people, and sense of style all work together to give you the impression you’ve won the French Immersion Lottery.

You’ll wake each morning to a stylish table set with fresh fruit and croissants or a baguette bought that morning from the local bakery. During the day, you might visit the Pink Granite Coast for a swim or walk through nearby woods that look like an enchanted forest. One day it’s a champagne picnic on a rocky coast with breathtaking scenery, the next you’re touring a castle and conversing with the locals.

Camille packs each day full of French culture and language opportunities. She tailors the program to fit your needs and works hard to help you achieve your personal learning goals. Each day, she proposes different options to you for the following day based on your needs and desires.  Throughout the day, she takes note of new vocabulary and sends you a list. At night, I would often write what we’d done that day and in the morning she would make any corrections, and we would discuss grammar points or vocabulary.  During the day, she would often ask me to recount what we had done earlier for extra speaking practice.

She introduced me to friends and family and opened her heart and her home to give me a truly unique experience. I highly recommend a French Immersion Experience with Camille!”


It would be impossible to overstate how wonderful immersive study with Camille of French Today was. Every day was an adventure and a feast for the senses in beautiful Paimpol and Brittany. We did and saw so many wonderful things, and I had so many one-of-a-kind experiences. I will never forget these experiences or this incredible week.

If that wasn’t enough, Camille was an extraordinary teacher- knowledgeable and patient and very supportive. Her methods are effective and multi-dimensional, always hands-on and geared toward the specific needs of each individual student. My French improved each day. And I had so much fun learning!

There are many more adventures with Camille awaiting in Paimpol. I’m dreaming of returning next year. Maybe I’ll meet you there!

Thank you to Camille and French Today.
I don’t know Brittany very well, and I really enjoyed doing  he tours of the island BrĂ©hat. I imagine having  a vacation house there. No cars but  cool restaurants, gardens, bars, beaches, warm water even in May!
The port/village Tréguier the cathedral and village with  Breton crepes, meeting-an artist and buying his books. going to the Roche Aux Oiseaux for  for a beautiful apéro with sparkling wine and lovely snacks, and a fantastic view of the river going towards the sea. As the sun was setting. we also went that evening into prehistoric rock formations  that were super interesting. Built 5000 years ago. Why were they made? By man?
Another day, we went to the ChĂąteau de La Roche Jagu. the grounds were magnificent, medieval gardens with vegetables and flowers, and everything mixed together but in a very formal pattern is really wonderful.
We made dinner with Chef Olivier , you were able to practice French with yet another person and work on your culinary skills.
When we went places – the islands or the market – Camille  really encouraged me to ask questions in French and talk to people.  Even if they didn’t understand me right away I was able to repeat and go on and have lovely conversations with vendors, gardeners, locals.
We did three hours of language class in the morning. They went by in a wink of the eye.  Camille narrowed in on things that we really needed to study. My friend and I were both at an intermediate level we understood quite a bit in French but we had very ingrained problems that we needed to fix and in a week Camille really moved us forward to being more fluent in French.
I look forward to going again next spring or summer.
(Note by Camille: Read & listen to Kathleen’s immersion stay in French on French Today’s blog)

The immersion week with Camille was super for me to rejuvenate my love for the French language.

I needed the passion of Camille to advance but also to realise the power of discipline daily for 30 minutes of study with French Today; reading out loud to a friend or a pet or listening to audio and doing a study exercise.

The escape to Paimpol with its beauty outdoors and the welcome by Camille into her family was a great little vacation too!

(Note by Camille: Read & listen to Debbie’s immersion stay in French on French Today’s blog)


I had a wonderful 10 days of immersion with Camille! I am retired, began University French 101 in September and completed French 102 only days before I left for France. So though not a beginner beginner, I am definitely a beginner!

My primary goal was to improve my pronunciation, which of course impacts my comprehension of spoken French. Camille patiently worked with me throughout my time with her, even though I would sometimes default to American phonetics or ‘forget’ liaison, gliding and not to pronounce most final consonants. Camille felt I made great strides in my short time under her tutelage, and I plan to continue with her French audio books ‘À Moi in Paris’, which she encouraged.

Though we worked hard, Camille also planned fun and educational outings, with a lot of wonderful walking to see beautiful Bretagne. I loved every minute of our walks and seeing so much beautiful countryside. She utilized acquaintances and family to take me on a tour, give cooking lessons, or join her and friends when they would swim in the sea. Since some of her friends do not speak English, it forced me to try to speak French; Camille graciously coached me and her friends graciously accepted my efforts. It was fun and certainly added to my very enjoyable time.

Camille is extremely welcoming and I immediately felt at ease with her and in her home. The student’s rooms and bath & toilette are separate, private and comfortable. Camille is an excellent cook and we enjoyed many delicious meals, picnics, cafĂ©s and even a beer at the harbor on a particularly warm and sunny afternoon. And, being France, wine and champagne were enjoyed on ‘several’ occasions! And, of course delicious baguettes and cheeses were overly indulged in on my part.

I’m eager to return, and I’ve only been gone a few days! It was a wonderful experience that definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Camille!

(Note by Camille : read and listen to the summary of Natalie’s French immersion homestay at Camille’s written in easy French on French Today’s blog.)

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