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The Ultimate French Tennis Vocabulary List

To celebrate the French Open starting this week (or "Roland Garros" as we call it in French), I wanted to put together the most comprehensive list French tennis terms I could think of. I'm a big fan of tennis myself and also play about 3 to 4 times a week so I hear these terms all the time (although the ones about me leading in the score not as often as I wished!). [Read More...]

Vacances en Australie – Histoire En Français Facile

Dans mes histoires en français facile, je parle généralement de la France, ou au moins d'un pays où l'on parle français. Mais voilà : Danny, un étudiant en immersion chez Suzanne en Bretagne a écrit cette discussion sur des vacances en Australie... C'est intéressant et écrit en français facile. Alors pourquoi ne pas la partager avec vous ? [Read More...]

7 Easy Steps To Learning Your French Verbs

When learning French, you're going to have to memorize your French verb conjugations. Many students study the French verb forms so they can spell them. That's OK if your goal is to pass a written test. However, to use your French verbs correctly in conversation, it's the pronunciation that matters! Here are 7 steps to learn your French verbs efficiently. [Read More...]

French Expressions Used by President Macron

France's President Macron uses very strange words in his speeches. For a relatively young man, his mastery of French is impressive, but somewhat old-fashioned at times. In this French English article, I'll list a couple of expressions used by President Macron, and explain them. [Read More...]

Long May Weekends in France

Traveling to France in May can be a bit complicated. We have many holidays, and many extended weekends since the French "font le pont" - they will take an extra day off when there is only one day separating a holiday from a weekend, and therefore have a "long weekend". And there are many holidays in May in France. [Read More...]

Talking About Cheese in French

Let's learn the French cheese vocabulary in the context of a French / English bilingual story taking place in a cheese shop (la fromagerie) in France. Learn how to talk about French cheese, the different types of French cheese and how to buy cheese in France in this easy and fun story. [Read More...]

Secrets of “Le Vieux Nice”

Nice is one of the most beautiful town of the French Riviera. But do you know why the streets of "le Vieux Nice" - the older Nice neighborhood - remain so cool, even in warmth of summertime? In this French English bilingual article, practice your French and discover the secrets of Nice. [Read More...]