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French Orange Duck Recipe

Here is Chantal's really simple recipe, a twist on the classic French dish "Le canard à l'orange". This is a great and simple recipe to cook duck breast and can be done ahead of time! [Read More...]

Cooking Jam the French Way

Chantal has a very special French jam recipe: it involves Champagne as one of its main ingredients... Champagne jam? How French... Practice your French with this French English bilingual recipe and learn the French jam vocabulary. [Read More...]

French Gazpacho Recipe

French immersion teacher Suzanne shares with us her "French" gazpacho recipe. Practice your French with this French recipe translated into English, and enjoy a fresh homemade treat! [Read More...]

La Bûche de Noël – Christmas Yule Log Recipe & Origins

Like in many countries, "la bûche de Noël", the Yule Log is the ultimate French Christmas dessert. It's easy enough to make, you can cover a non-perfect roll with whipped cream, fruits and Xmassy decorations, and it's tasty, especially if you follow this recipe and make a good filling! Kids will love it!! [Read More...]

Canadian French Vocabulary – La Bouffe! Food!

French spoken in Québec (le québécois) is quite different from French spoken in France (le français de France, as Quebecers call it), in many respects. Differences concern phonetics, syntax, morphology and most of all, vocabulary. Today, I’ll focus on that aspect and I’ll point out various food related phrases or expressions which are typically « québécoises ». [Read More...]

Easy Chocolate Truffles Recipe

"Les truffes au chocolat", chocolate truffles, have become synonymous with luxury and decadent indulgence. Whole stores are dedicated to them, yet, they are fairly easy to make. Here is my recipe. [Read More...]

Pears Belle Helene Recipe

This pears with a chocolate sauce and ice-cream dessert is a classic French dessert that I love to serve. It's relatively easy to make and I'm sure it will impress your guests tremendously… Go to the end of my article for "twists" to the Belle Hélène French dessert. [Read More...]