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10 Tips to Ride the Paris Subway Like a Parisian

Not your typical Paris métro tips: untold Paris subway politeness rules, safety tips & Parisian know how... A Parisian native share her tips on how to best ride the Paris métro & avoid common traps and scams: the shorter route on the map may not be the fastest, don't keep your ticket close to coins (they will demagnetise)...  [Read More...]

9 Comments Which Upset French People

Whether you are quoting a famous song, trying to be funny or just being totally naive, some statement or questions are going to upset / irritate / annoy or simply just rub a French person the wrong way. Here is my top 9 list of comments to avoid if you want to make or keep French friends. [Read More...]

What does the JeSuisCharlie mean and what is Charlie Hebdo?

I wanted to write a little something about the newspaper Charlie Hebdo in the context of the horrible events of January 2015. This is not about starting a political or religious debate (this being a company site, it is not appropriate nor relevant) but by speaking to many of our students last week, I wanted to clear up a couple of perceptions that we heard. [Read More...]

Top 10 things I Hate About Paris

Bloggers living in Paris will eventually put together a list such as this one: things they Love and Hate (simultaneously) about Paris. Bien sûr, I say 'hate' with tongue in cheek -- most of these things are just *different* from what I'm used to and *most* have a silver lining. [Read More...]