4 Points to Understand The French “Réforme Des Retraites” in 2023

Author: Chef Anthony At Pastreez

Today, I’m going to detail 4 essential points about the French “réforme des retraites”(French pension reform in English).

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I understand this is a touchy subject, and I do not wish to get political on this blog: so I’ll only straight up facts, and the goals the government hopes to reach with this French pension reform. I’m also going to be shorter than usual, to avoid being too technical.

Let’s dig in.

Increased Retirement Age

The réforme des retraites in 2023 has led to an increase in the retirement age in France.

This means that individuals will need to work longer before they can claim their pension benefits. The new retirement age aims to address the challenges posed by an aging population and ensure the sustainability of the pension system.

Now a bit of history. In 1982, France established a legal retirement age of 60 for most workers, which was considered relatively low compared to other countries.

However, as the population aged and life expectancy increased, concerns arose about the financial sustainability of the pension system.

This is not a new fight… In 2003, under President Jacques Chirac, the French government introduced a gradual increase in the retirement age. The reform raised the full retirement age from 60 to 65, with a transition period spread over several years. Another significant French pension reform took place in 2010 under President Nicolas Sarkozy. The legal retirement age was increased from 60 to 62, with a faster implementation over a decade.

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These decisions sparked widespread protests, strikes and social unrest, as many workers and unions argued that it placed an unfair burden on individuals, particularly those in physically demanding jobs.

Universal Points System

The French retirement reform introduces a universal points system that replaces the current complex pension calculation methods.

Under this system, each individual earns points throughout their working life, which are then converted into pension benefits upon retirement. This approach aims to simplify the system and make it more transparent.

By implementing a universal points system, the French pension reform also seeks to create a fair and uniform system that treats all workers equally, ensuring greater clarity and predictability in determining pension benefits.

Equal Treatment

The pension reform strives for greater equality by aiming to eliminate the various special pension regimes that exist in France.

These special regimes, enjoyed by certain professional groups, provide different retirement benefits compared to the general French pension system. The goal is to create a fair and uniform system that treats all workers equally.

Now I know a bit about these special pension regimes! I used to work for EDF, similar to Edison in the US.

And in France, EDF is considered to be one of the most advantageous: 75% salary pension with no cap, calculated over the last 6 months of your career.

In similar industries like train, steel, where arduousness is considered high, they also usually have special pension regimes. Some of these regimes are over 100 years old.

Progressive Implementation

The French retirement reform is being implemented gradually to minimize disruption and allow for adjustments along the way.

The changes are rolled out over several years, giving individuals and organizations time to adapt to the new system.

This progressive approach aims to ensure a smooth transition and minimize any negative impact on current or future retirees.

I did not want this post to be too long, because it’s a bit technical and a lot to process.

But in summary, the French retirement reform in 2023 involves an increase in the retirement age, the introduction of a universal points system, a focus on equal treatment, an emphasis on social dialogue and negotiations, and a progressive implementation to minimize disruptions.

These changes aim to address the challenges of an aging population while ensuring a fair and sustainable pension system for all.

Let’s see how it goes in a couple of years…

Author: Chef Anthony At Pastreez

Chef Anthony At Pastreez

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