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La Fontaine’s “Le Corbeau et le Renard” reading + translation + video

Leyla By Leyla - updated on Jul 4, 2020

Today, it’s my pleasure to share with you my daughter Leyla’s (8 years old on this video) rendition of “le Corbeau et le Renard” by Jean de la Fontaine.

This French poem is extremely famous, and you can be sure that every French kid has had memorized it for school… and this for generations.

Baudelaire, Hugo, La Fontaine, these are only a few names of the famous French poets whose poems are world famous. French poetry is not only a great way to improve one’s vocabulary, but it is also an essential part of the French culture.

In my Easy French Poetry series, I use the most classic French poems as a basis for vocabulary development. This is a great way for intermediate students to develop their concentration over a longer, yet level adapted text.

Intermediate & Above Easy French Poetry
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And now, let’s hear Leyla!

“Le Corbeau et le Renard” Video

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