French Orange Duck Recipe

Here is Chantal's really simple recipe, a twist on the classic French dish "Le canard à l'orange". This is a great and simple recipe to cook duck breast and can be done ahead of time! [Read More...]

Cooking Jam the French Way

Chantal has a very special French jam recipe: it involves Champagne as one of its main ingredients... Champagne jam? How French... Practice your French with this French English bilingual recipe and learn the French jam vocabulary. [Read More...]

French Expressions Used by President Macron

France's President Macron uses very strange words in his speeches. For a relatively young man, his mastery of French is impressive, but somewhat old-fashioned at times. In this French English article, I'll list a couple of expressions used by President Macron, and explain them. [Read More...]

French Election Vocabulary + Practice

France is about to elect her new president. Let's study the French Election and Politics Vocabulary, and understand a bit how we elect our French president with this French English bilingual story written in easy French. [Read More...]