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Modern French Pronunciation of “Il y a”

Camille Chevalier-Karfis By Camille Chevalier-Karfis - updated on Jun 17, 2020
spoken french pronunciation of il y a there is

“Il y a” is probably the common French expression where the modern French pronunciation is the most blatant. And this often comes to a shock to poor students of French who were never prepared for that!

First of all, “il y a” (meaning there is, there are, or ago) naturally glides.

In other words, no French native would ever pronounce “il y a ” “eel-ee-a”.

“Il y a” Very Enunciated French Pronunciation

There is a natural consonant gliding between the “il” and the “y”, making it sound like “eelee”.

And then a vowel gliding between the “y” and the “a”, making it sound like “ya”.

So if someone enunciated a lot, like maybe someone reciting French poetry, “il y a” would be pronounced “eeleeya”. All in one breath, you cannot breathe in the middle.

“Il y a” Everyday Spoken French Pronunciation

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In everyday use, the double “i” sound of the Y would be dropped, and we’d pronounce “il y a” “eelya”.

“Il y a” in Glided Spoken French Pronunciation

When French natives speak fast and in a relaxed environment (what I call “street French”), “il y a” would glide even more!

  • “il y a” would become “ee ya”, dropping the L sound.
  • or even more common, the whole “il y a” would just become “ya”.

Now it’s important you understand everybody speaks like that in a relaxed setting: politicians would speak like that at home, my 70 years young mother would say “ya” as well, so would I or my daughter…

This is a very, very common French gliding.

And of course, it affects all the variations / conjugations of “il y a”:

  • Il y a = ya
  • Il n’y a pas = yapa
  • Il y en a = yan na
  • Il n’y en a pas = yan napa
  • Il y aura = yora
  • Il y a eu = ya u

Spoken Modern French Versus Textbook French

This is usually all a big shock to students of French who never heard of this spoken modern French pronunciation. I elaborate on this subject in this video:

If you’d like to learn more about this subject, follow the link to my article where I talk about spoken French pronunciation in depth.

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