Watch Me Play Minecraft in French – Minecraft en Français!

Author: Camille Chevalier-Karfis

Minecraft in easy French videos (with French and English subtitles) make a fun French listening practice for kids, teens and adults alike. Follow my adventures!

In this series of free videos, I’ll play Minecraft in French “Minecraft en français” !!

I’ll explore the world around me, farm, build, train dogs, tame a horse, interact with villagers… and fight at night…

As I play, I’ll describe many things in French, helping you practice your French listening skills and learn new words of French vocabulary in context.

Most importantly, this is a way for you to practice “unscripted” French listening with someone who speaks a bit slower, and explains the new vocabulary.

Why Watch Me Play Minecraft in French?

Wow! Speaking a bit slower, trying to use simple sentence structures while playing at the same time proved to be a real challenge!

Sometimes I do speed up. Sometimes, I start a sentence and I don’t finish it. Sometimes, I even make French mistakes.

And this is all very good for you.

This is what happens in real life, in real spoken French conversations.

French students seldom have the opportunity to train with a “natural” conversation: everything they study with is made for studying, overly enunciated, scripted and perfectly delivered.

You’ll find on the internet many examples of real French conversations. These won’t work for French students either: they are too fast, too hard to understand at a beginner French level or even at an intermediate French level.

Since I do my best to speak a bit slower than the normal, and use relatively simple sentence structure and vocabulary, I hope this series will provide a reachable “middle” ground: real spoken French but at a level that’s reachable for students.

This is the philosophy behind my French learning audiobooks. I explain French clearly, and illustrate all the rules and vocabulary within the context of a level-adapted ongoing novel featuring realistic dialogues. The story is recorded at 2 level of enunciation: classical enunciated French and modern spoken French).

À Moi Paris Audiobook Method

A new approach to learning both traditional and modern French logically structured for English speakers.

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More Details & Audio Samples

Minecraft in French For French Vocabulary

As I interact with the world around me, I’m going to describe in French what I do, and I will often explain some words of vocabulary, or illustrate a theme such as tools in French, animals in French, farming, building, fighting…

Minecraft in French For French Grammar

As I play, you’ll hear me use naturally the different French verb conjugations. I will sometimes insist on a French tense such as the subjunctive or the imperative. Because you’ll hear the sentences used in a visual context, it’s likely you’ll remember what I say!

Minecraft in French Is For Kids Or Adults?

I’m 48 as I write this article… I know many adults around me who enjoy playing video games…

So sure, my Minecraft videos can be watched by kids and teens: if you are a French teacher, don’t hesitate to show my videos to your class! I’m sure your students will love them. (Please write me / leave a comment to give me some feedback, I’d really love it!)

But I sincerely hope this series will be a fun way to learn French for adults as well. Leave me a comment! Let me know!

See below on how to turn on/off the French and English subtitles on the videos and make sure your speakers are on and volume up!

Here are the individual video episodes.

🛠 Learn French With Minecraft – Video 1 – Tools

Watch me start my game in Minecraft (survival mode) – in French!! I’ll build the essential French tools and collect some supplies, and explain everything I am doing in French.

⚔️ Fun French Practice With Minecraft – Video 2 – Monster Attack

Day 2 on Minecraft is a busy day: as I’m describing everything in French, I’m hunting wild sheep to make a bed, wild cows to make an armor, starting a little wheat farm and fleeing monsters at night!!

👑 Playing Minecraft in French – Video 3 – Treasure Chest

It’s day 3 on Minecraft, and it’s an exciting day! I’ve spotted a shipwreck and we’ll go explore it underwater… Plouf! Hop! Aïe! I use many French onomatopoeias when I speak!

🧟‍♂️ Prof de français qui joue à Minecraft – Vidéo 4 – Zombies

Day 4 is a typical Minecraft survival day: I’ll fight a zombie, escape a explosion and explore caves to find resources.

🐄 Apprendre le français avec Minecraft – Video 5 – Animaux

Things are getting wild! I’ll explore some more, fight spiders, a skeleton and zombies, have a close encounter with an Endermen and then welcome a baby calf into my virtual world – sooo cute ❤️ All this while speaking French of course!

🏠 Minecraft en français – Video 6 – Ma maison & Subjonctif

It’s time to build a house (quite an upgrade from my cave!!)
I use quite a lot of subjunctive in this video – que je puisse, je j’aille etc… Here is a link to my free guide of the French subjunctive.

🌾 Français Facile Avec With Minecraft – Video 7 – Farming

Busy-busy day!! I’ll build a farm, catch wild cows and breed them, shear sheep and… make a French flag! 🇫🇷 

🐕 Minecraft Beginner French Story – Video 8 – Wolves & Dogs

What an adventure! I’m leaving the safety of my farm on a boat exploration mission hoping to find wolves to tame into dogs.
But things don’t go quite as planned it!! Laughter guaranteed 🤣

🐶 Minecraft Story in French – Video 9 – Puppy & Dog Training

Watch me train my dogs in French, and order them around in French:
– viens ici (come here) !
– Assis (sit) !
– Rapporte (fetch)
This video makes a great French imperative practice…
My French dogs are gentle and friendly – but fierce when they need to protect me! You’ll see…

🐝 Modern French Practice With Minecraft – Episode 10 – Honey for my Honey

Time to harvest honey and learn French love nicknames.

🐎 Mes Aventures Dans Minecraft – Vidéo 11 – Horse

I’m going on a horse quest! First, I need to find a saddle, then locate and train a horse! After all this hard work, a nice surprise is coming our way…

🏘 My French Teacher Plays Minecraft in French – Episode 12 – Village

Yeah!! I found a village !!!
I’ll start interacting with the different villagers and securing my village against monsters.

💎Let’s Play Minecraft in French – Video 13 – Bartering With the Villagers

I’ll teach you the French castle vocabulary as I build up and secure my village and start bartering with the villagers. I use the French imperative a lot in this video.

👋 My Teacher Plays Minecraft in French – Video 14 – the End

I’m afraid it’s time to say au revoir – goodbye in French! I had a ton of fun producing this series of videos.

If you know French teachers for teens or kids, please share this fun educational series with them! And thanks again for watching!

🐠A Minecraft adventure in French – Video 15 – Magical Place

Aha! You thought it was over, but I still have a surprise for you!

Come with me one last time to discover Minecraft most magical place!

Stay tuned for more: to be notified of new episodes, subscribe to my French Today YouTube Channel.

I’d say this series easily took 70 hours of my “fee” time so evenings, weekends… I did it all during the Covid 19 crisis – I had a very hard time sleeping at night – so this series was a big moral help for me. I hope it was fun for your to watch!

I you enjoyed it, please react! Press 👍, leave a comment, and please share this article with French teachers you know.

Thank you so much in advance!

Good luck with your French studies and let’s connect soon on my various social medias!

Here is some additional info you may find useful.

▶️ Playlist

Here is the playlist for my “Modern French Practice With Minecraft” – after you’re done watching an episode, this playlist will automatically play the next episode of the series.

🗺 Map and Seed

Would you like to play Minecraft on this magical map (coral reef near 2 villages and mesa gold mines)

Here is the seed – la graine – of the map to this Minecraft world ⭐️476941124⭐️ You can use it to play on this map too ! (A quick search – “how to use seed on Minecraft” – will show you how!)

I shot this video in April/May 2020 using Minecraft 1.15.2 – JAVA

You can use a compass or tele-transport /tp to the following coordinates: I build my first house on this prairie, just East from the spawning point 424 65 306

Then the coral village is down the coastline : about one Minecraft day (if you don’t stop) rowing West, towards the sun set :-)

Here is to go there: get on your boat, go towards sun DOWN. Pass the prairies, leave the icebergs to your right, hug the sandy coast line to your left, then you’ll reach a HUGE mesa biome: keep the mesa to your left and open sea to your right, hug the mesa… If you’ve been rowing fast, at night fall you’ll start reaching a point with the mesa to your left and a coral reef in front and to the right. keep rowing close to the mesa and soon you’ll see some sand in front of you. The village is there ! At night, you should be able to see the torches.

The Coral Village is -937 74 -1280 (the – are important so is the spacing!!)

Then there are 2 villages only a couple of minutes away running.

Village 1 Keep going from the Coral Village to the West across the desert, keep the sea to your right. When you reach a jungle pairie, turn left where the desert/prairie meet. Keep going and you’ll reach the village. It’s the main village of this series. where I found my horse. Or you can /tp there!! -1530 71 -861

Village 2 From the Coral Village go towards the South, go through the desert a bit, keep the mesa to your right, desert to the left and you’ll reach another desert village… or you can /tp there -871 63 -954 (nice base to go explore the many mines the mesa !! ⛏)

I can’t promise you’ll have exactly the same map as mine, but the villages are usually at the same coordinates even if the maps and structured are a bit different. Of course, you’ll get the “starting” map, so the map as it was before I played: you won’t see all the changes I’ve made.

But still, once you get to the Coral village, there is just so much fun play to have!

If you do play there, please leave me a comment! I’d love to know how your game went!

How to Turn on The Subtitles (CC) on YouTube

I have personally checked the subtitles in French. The English subtitles however are automatically generated by YouTube, so not reliable – I glanced over them and corrected the bigger mistakes, so they should be accurate enough for you to understand the French.

Click or tap on the Youtube window to show the options.

  1. With the CC option located on the bottom right of the YouTube video, you can choose to turn the CC (close captions) on and off.
  2. The button to the right, looking like a Gear, will let you switch between French or English CC – or no CC at all.

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Please react! Leave a comment, make a suggestion, share this article… Your engagement really encourages me to create more free French lessons!

Author: Camille Chevalier-Karfis

Camille Chevalier-Karfis

Born and raised in Paris, I have been teaching today's French to adults for 25+ years in the US and France. Based on my students' goals and needs, I've created unique downloadable French audiobooks focussing on French like it's spoken today, for all levels. Come to Paimpol and enjoy an exclusive French immersion homestay with me in Brittany.

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