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Hypothesis in French – the Uses of Si + Audio

If the weather is nice tomorrow, I will go to the beach. The construction of hypothetical statements (if clauses) requires the use of specific tenses. Hypotheses in French are quite similar to English hypotheses: you need to understand whether you are wishing to change a future, present, or past event. Then apply the correct tenses. [Read More...]

The French Definite Articles

There are some little words that are everywhere in French: the French definite articles le, la, l' and les are among them. There are so many articles in French: when do you use the definite article? What about its "mutant" contracted forms? Here are my explanations. [Read More...]

French Indefinite and Partitive Articles + Audio

A, AN or ONE, SOME, ANY -- To translate this notion, the French use a combination of 2 articles ; the indefinite article (un, une, des, negative pas de), and the partitive article (du, de la, de l’, des, negative pas de). The key to understanding them relies on understanding that it is all a question of specification of quantity. [Read More...]