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The Real Salade Niçoise Recipe

Is there such a thing as the one and only true salade niçoise recipe? Find out in this lively article as you learn this delicious salad recipe from a real Nice inhabitant, and practice your French with this easy bilingual recipe. [Read More...]

How to Open a Scallop Easily – Video

Here in Bretagne, we are very lucky to have access to some of the best seafood in the world that is fished mere kilometers away from our shore (I think it's to compensate us for the 300+ days of rain but I digress ;-) One such beast that we get plenty of in season is scallops. [Read More...]

Scallops with Truffle & Fresh Pasta in Coral Sauce

This recipe calls for some truffles. These can be hard to find and can be expensive based on the quantity/quality that you are purchasing. We were lucky that a student of Camille offered some to us a few months back (merci Lingzi!) but you can find them in specialty stores and they don't have to cost you an arm and a leg. [Read More...]

Myriam’s Basque Cake Recipe

The Basque cake is easy to make and delicious. Today, Myriam will share her family recipe of gâteau basque with us, in this unique recipe written in French and translated in English for a fun learn French in context practice. [Read More...]

La Choucroute à la Bière – Sauerkraut with Beer Recipe

Sauerkraut "la choucroute" is a traditional German and Eastern European dish which has been adopted in Alsace and Lorraine particularly, but enjoyed in restaurant throughout France as a typical French dish. There are many ways to prepare it, and today, I'll tell you about my favorite - "la choucroute garnie à la bière". [Read More...]

Smoothie Aux Framboises

“Une évasion”  was the name of a very small tart, filled with lime mousse and topped with raspberries that were drizzled with a limey, raspberry glaze. Yumm I love the combination of lime and raspberry. The first time I had this combination was at a small pastry shop in Angers. I was lucky enough to […] [Read More...]