learn French Eye Vocabulary Adjectives With Video Game Sims

Learn French With The Sims - Eye Colors and Shapes

In this video, I will illustrate the French vocabulary about the eyes in French, using the popular video game The Sims. Learn about the eye anatomy, eye colors and eye shapes in French in a fun and efficient way.

learn french with popular videogame The sims facial hair beard moustache french vocabulary

Facial Hair French Vocabulary Lesson - Les Sims - Video

Today, we’re going to explore the facial hair vocabulary in French, as well as hair styles for men. Study the French vocabulary about moustache, beard etc... and then watch this short video featuring the popular video game in French "Les Sims".

french bathroom vocabulary learn sims video

Learn French Vocabulary With the Sims - Bathroom Routine

Let's study the French bathroom vocabulary and then illustrate a daily bathroom routine with a short video in easy French featuring the video game "the Sims". This article also includes the French transcript and English translation.