French Traditions for “Black Friday” + Video

What does "Black Friday" mean and is it popular in France? This article in the form of an easy French English bilingual story takes a closer look at the vocabulary and French traditions for the huge American after Thanksgiving sale called "Black Friday" and the one held on the next Monday called "Cyber Monday". [Read More...]

Easy French Video – Oyster Fest in Paimpol

Practice your French with this video I shot during the oyster fest "la fête de l'huître" in my hometown of Paimpol, Brittany, France. We'll meet an oyster fisherman, see a cool recipe to cook warm oysters on the BBQ, and learn the French pronunciation of oyster "huître" in French. [Read More...]

Learn French With The Sims – The Face – Le Visage

Let's learn the French vocabulary about the face, and then see it come alive with my video featuring "the Sims", a popular video game. This article includes the French face vocabulary with English translations and a fun video with audio to learn the correct pronunciation of the French face words. [Read More...]