Easy French Video – Oyster Fest in Paimpol

Practice your French with this video I shot during the oyster fest "la fête de l'huître" in my hometown of Paimpol, Brittany, France. We'll meet an oyster fisherman, see a cool recipe to cook warm oysters on the BBQ, and learn the French pronunciation of oyster "huître" in French. [Read More...]

Learn French With The Sims – The Face – Le Visage

Let's learn the French vocabulary about the face, and then see it come alive with my video featuring "the Sims", a popular video game. This article includes the French face vocabulary with English translations and a fun video with audio to learn the correct pronunciation of the French face words. [Read More...]

“Petit Papa Noël” sung by Leyla

Leyla learned this sing at school, so we thought we'd share it with you. This is one of the most famous Christmas song, made famous in 1946 France by the singer Tino Rossi (see link below). The original version is much longer, but most children only sing the chorus. [Read More...]

French Pronominal Verbs (Se verbs) + Video

French reflexive verbs - also French pronominal, reciprocal verbs or "Se" verbs - often confuse students. Here is my explanation including a short and fun video using the Sims with French transcript and English translation to help you grasp this concept better. [Read More...]