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What is Pistou – The French Pesto

PISTOU…or pesto? Pesto is a very commonly known and commercially produced basil/olive oil/garlic condiment used in Italian cuisine. Pistou, it's lesser known cousin, is a basil/olive oil/garlic condiment used in French cuisine. [Read More...]

The Secret Side of Pont Aven

In the culinary world, Pont Aven is a designated “Site of Exceptional Culinary Taste” for being the delicious epicurean land of melt-in-your-mouth butter cookies - "les galettes et les sablés beurrés". [Read More...]

Olive Oil From Nyons

Twisted trunks of Tanche olive trees, their leaves sparkling like silver in the warm soleil de Provence, bear buds of ripening promise for the fall. Tree-ripened olives will go to the mill to be crushed, oozing into delicious, rich huile d'olive. [Read More...]

A Bargain from a Top Chef : Bélisaire Restaurant

After a morning cooking class at the Cordon Bleu, my friend and I had a business meeting with the marketing director who encouraged us to experience lunch at an intimate bistro that is a favorite of Cordon Bleu students and chefs. We gladly took her advice and walked right around the corner to Le Bélisaire. [Read More...]

Recette du Poulet Yassa

I grew up part of my childhood in Dakar, Sénégal and one of the national dish (un plat national) is Le Poulet Yassa. I made it for my family last week and I thought I might share this relatively simple recipe with you. Now let me warn you that this is not the recipe for you if you are not a fan of onions! [Read More...]