How Do the French Eat Strawberries – Video 🥂🍓

Author: Leyla

Today, I’m going to show you the best way to eat strawberries – with a French twist!

Our friends Jeannine and Pierre invited us over and for desert, surprise! Strawberries and Champagne!

My parents loved it! As for me, I just enjoyed the strawberries, and they were delicious : Jeanine had found some “”mara des bois” – the queen of the strawberries ! I also like “gariguette”.

Bon ap’

Strawberries And Champagne Recipe

You need “un grand bol transparent”, it doesn’t really need to be transparent but it’s much prettier that way.

You’ll also need “du sucre en poudre”, and we like to add “un peu de sirop de coquelicot (poppy syrup)” but it may be difficult to find outside of France…

And of course, “une ou deux bouteilles de champagne” !!!

I eat just the strawberries, but my Mom prefers the juice, I wonder why….

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Author: Leyla


Hi, My name is Leyla and I'm Camille and Olivier's daughter. I'm 17 years old now, but I was born in the US and lived there till I was 4. I'm a bilingual child and I love speaking French AND English (my secret language here in France).

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