La Toussaint

What is La Toussaint? Learn the French traditions of All Saints' Day in France, both a Catholic holiday and an important day for families, and practice your French with this bilingual easy story. [Read More...]

Spectacular Day in the Lot-et-Garonne

Rebecca is in love with Lot-et-Garonne. She had a great immersion homestay at French teacher's Pierre, and enjoyed a spectacular day touring the Lot-et-Garonne. She'll share her impression and pictures with us in this easy French story with English translation. [Read More...]

Horseback Riding in France

Learn about horseback riding French vocabulary and practice it in context with this French English bilingual story featuring our French immersion teacher Pierre's family and their horses. [Read More...]

Painting France + French Paint Vocabulary

Today, we'll practice our French paint vocabulary with artist Linda Press, who will share with us her aquarelle techniques and memories of painting the French landscapes of Lot-et-garonne. This French English bilingual story is written at an advanced level of French. [Read More...]

Discover Authentic French Countryside Buildings – Bilingual Story

Pierre lives in the French countryside, more precisely in the sunny Lot-et-Garonne. When he takes his French immersion students for tours of his region, they are surprised to discover old buildings such as dovecotes, watermills and windmills. Follow him for a virtual visit of these quintessential French countryside architectural constructions. [Read More...]

Night Markets in France – An Easy Bilingual Story

You have all heard about the gorgeous markets of France. But do you know about the French night markets? Today, Deborah, one of Pierre's immersion students, is taking us for a virtual visit of the French night market of Eymet, in the Lot and Garonne. Discover this unique French tradition and practice your French with this easy French English bilingual story. [Read More...]