French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s In Moustier, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

With Pierre - your French tutor, language buddy & host

Euros 1500 Per Week

  • 3 Hours a day (Mornings), Monday to Friday, minimum 4 outings in the Afternoons
  • 1 Bedroom , 1 private bathroom, a large kitchen/dining room/salon
  • Breakfasts, Lunches and a dinner the day of your arrival. For a full board (3 meals a day, add an extra 150 Euros) / Full board with 150 Euros extra costs
  • Minimum 4 outings a week
  • Up to 3 guests (plus a baby)
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If your goal is to improve your French, in a relaxed atmosphere, in a beautiful and quiet setting and if you love to learn more about French History and Culture, come to this place, in the beautiful Aquitaine. Pierre will host you for a full Homestay French immersion. You will stay in a renovated old farm, with its typical architecture, between splendid and picturesque villages, bastides. The area is famous for its spectacular and breathtaking Castles,, its villages, its gastronomy.. Live the authentic French lifestyle at Pierre’s house, Pierre is a graduated and experienced French teacher who will be delighted to provide you with tailored French lessons adapted to your needs and your level. He shares with you his experience as well as his everyday life. You will stay in the gîte attached to rest of the house. The gîte has a private garden and entrance.


Private Bathroom
Smoking Allowed
Teaches Adults & Children
Pets Allowed
Wheelchair Accessible
Free Parking
Vegan Option

Sleeping Arrangements

1 queen bed 1 single bed

Types of Courses Offered: French conversation, Professional French, Exam preparation, French for children

Teacher Certifications: DAEFLE/Master in Histtory/English Fluent/German spoken

Extra Activities/Options: I will be your guide to discover the historical Aquitaine. The gîte attached to the house (an old renovated farm) is located in the peaceful countryside of the South-West of France, with its rollings hills. History have always been a passion and I love to share this passion with my students while visiting the villages, the numerous castles... I'm rather fond of Hiking too. If you wish it, I will be very delighted to explore with you the numerous footpaths in the surroundings, some start from the farm. I can show you the varied display of fauna and flora. The discovery of the various quality wines of this area, Bordeaux wines, Bergerac wines, C$otes de Duras.. can be another option, as well as cooking lessons! I also play tennis and I would be happy to play Tennis with you. We can also canoe or raft down the rivers ! I will tailor my program of visit to your interests, your passions, you could also use one of my bikes, a good way to discover the surroundings.

Meet Pierre - your French tutor, language buddy & host In France

Hi, my name is Pierre. I have lived in the Uk where I started to teach French and I never stopped since then ! I've been teaching French as a foreign language for 12 years now. I'm used to teach  students for all levels and ages: my youngest student was 4 and my oldest was 89 years old! For me the diversity, the different profiles, backgrounds, ways of learning of my students are a real driving force. I'm learning while I'm teaching ! Each experience is unique. You will enjoy an authentic immersion in a quiet and peaceful spot, a place surrounded by gentle fields where you'll see splendid horses. My son, Vivien who is 16, does horse-riding competitions.We also have three dogs, two Jack Russells, Mona and Joy, and Elouk a husky. They are very well behaved! When you have spare time, you will enjoy studying, reading, on your lovely private terrace.

My teaching is focused on the everyday life French, the Authentic French! A French immersion is a unique way to connect what you learn during the lessons with the real life. Each language has its own music, its own structure and my approach consists in giving you the essence of it. Practical situations, roleplays make sense and when you learn a new field in the language, it always has to be put in life in a real situation of communication. Learning a new language can be fun! Each student has a different level, a specific way of learning. This is essential to adjust the way of teaching to these differences and an immersion is the ideal context to get the best way of tailoring the teaching.

Learn French In France – Your French immersion Program in Moustier, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Learning French while discovering a fantastic region, so typical of the South West of France! Far from the crowds, this part of France is packed with different traditions, cuisines and historical heritage. There are cute villages called Bastides with their picturesque houses and abundance of restaurants. The Bastides, generally founded in the 13th century, can be recognized by their arched central squares. There are plenty of restaurants, cafés, located under the arched houses where you can sit outside admiring the beauty of the village. I will be happy to take you to splendid castles, Duras, Biron, Bonaguil, Castelnau,.. Well worth a visit if you like old castles and buildings. I will share with you my passion for History!

Your French Immersion Homestay Accommodations in Moustier, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

You will stay in a very typical and traditional gîte. It is very spacious, private and comfortable but we have kept the rustic French style of an old farm. You will feel the atmosphere of an authentic French old farm, a combination of an old architecture, old furniture and a modern fitted kitchen. You will have your private bathroom with a walk-in shower.. If you enjoy watching French movies, I can recommend you some DVDs, a perfect way to improve your French while watching good movies! At the end of the day, after dinner if you choose the full board, I will leave you and will sleep in a gite just nearby. Winters are rarely very cold here and, the whole year long, it's possible to have our meals under the covered terrace when the sun shines or when the temperature is not too cold. I will prepare your meals, using fresh and local products. I will introduce you to the traditional French cuisine and you are welcome if you want to cook with me. I can show you how to cook some traditional French meals! Your garden is private and you will have stunning views on the valley and its gentle fields. There's a gate to access to a lovely swimming pool surrounded by palm trees and pine trees. You're free to use the pool from May to October. Just let me know if you have children for the safety. There are  eight horses on the property, just ask Isabelle, the owner if you want to see them and, why not? You could ride one of them.

Contact Pierre - your French tutor, language buddy & host

French Immersion in Moustier, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Email Pierre Directly

NOTE: All immersion teachers/hosts are completely independent of French Today. All communication, transactions and contracts will be exclusively done between you and the immersion teacher/host.

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I spent a week with Pierre in south-western France. He was an excellent teacher. I wanted to focus on French conversation and he delivered exactly what I asked for. It was interesting, relaxed  and thoroughly enjoyable. I would highly recommend Pierre.


I stayed with Pierre in December 2018 and had an enjoyable experience in the beautiful countryside of the Lot et Garrone.

I was initially quite nervous doing a full immersion for a week because my French was very limited, however Pierre was patient and an excellent teacher. My grammar and more importantly my confidence improved drastically.

I recommend the experience to anyone looking to immerse themselves in the French language.

I welcomed the space Pierre gave me to study as needed and explore the countryside as I wanted.


I have engaged in a lot of language study over the years, both in French and Spanish. I can say without equivocation that Pierre ranks up with the best. He is competent, steady, patient and flexible. He first determines your objectives and then develops a program of study that fits your needs and desires. He is a “natural.”

My objective was to improve my conversational skills in French. For two weeks, both in class and during our outings in the area, that is precisely what I was able to do. We talked constantly for three hours each morning and frequently during afternoon hikes and travels. I left Southern France much more conversant in French and more confident in my ability to speak. When I returned to Paris after my two weeks with Pierre, I was ready to speak French. I could not
recommend Pierre more highly.

Yet, that is not the only praise that I have for Pierre’s program. Pierre’s “chalet,” as he likes to call it, was beautiful, comfortable and tranquil. The chalet lies within the Pyrénées with access to hiking trails in the immediate area and region. It is only a short (3 km) walk to the nearby picturesque village of Quillan, which I visited several times. It was a very enjoyable place to live for two weeks.

If that were not enough, Pierre and I visited several historical sites in the area (including fortified ancient castles, such as Peyrepertuse, with remarkable vistas of the Pyrénées and its adjoining valleys) and a local market in Espéraza, which was as fresh and vibrant as I have ever seen, witha bounty of local cheeses, wines and sausages that were marvellous.


My stay with you and your welcoming family was so much better and enjoyable than I could have ever imagined. We always felt welcomed and comfortable my beautiful room with a view of the dramatic mountains and your fantastic garden. I only wished I could have stayed longer. I traveled to my immersion location with my partner, who chose to not spend the time studying. Instead, he simply wanted to enjoy the beauty of the area, rest his soul, partake of the conviviality of family life in France During my stay you taught me so many of the finer points of speaking French, especially those all important “filler words” and phrases that help the language come alive and sound more natural, fluid, and spontaneous. You helped me to sound a bit more French when I spoke, instead of sounding like a talking textbook. Our daily lessons were the high point of my day. Those hours of my instruction and conversation flew by so fast. I only hope that with regular practice, I will be able to retain everything to which you exposed me. One day, I truly hope to return here chez Pierre, to continue the improvement of my French and to more fully explore this stunning region. In addition, I must mention that not only is Pierre an excellent, calm, and encouraging teacher, but he is an exquisite chef. Every meal he prepared was done so with care and attention to detail of a gracious host. Everything he prepared, I loved. In fact, since he did not have a turkey for our stay over Thanksgiving, he went out of his way to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner that I’ll never forget, with duck sautéed to perfection, along with accompaniments. This touch of a host is above and beyond all expectations. With Pierre, you are in good hands and you’ll love your stay. In addition to the personalized, one-on-one classes, the entire immersion experience helped me tremendously. From talking with the members of your family to outings where you and I hiked to the Cathare châteaux of the Middle Ages that are perched up on tall mountain peaks, the entire study-vacation immersion was more than I could have ever imagined. Strolling through the Sunday morning fresh produce and homemade products market in Espéraza with your family was so enjoyable for me. However, my favorite outing was hiking up to the mountain top to see the remains of the Peyrepertuse Cathare Château. From the top we could catch a glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea to the east, visible through a mountain pass in the distance. Because of the Mediterranean climate around Peyrepertuse, the vineyards, orchards of fruits trees, exquisite vegetation, and rustic mountain ranges of the Pyrénées impressed me beyond words. I never knew such a tranquil, scarcely populated region of France even existed. This region, in the département de l’Aude, could rightfully be called “the other Côté d’Azur or Provence méconnu”.


Thank you to Pierre for a super week in the gorgeous Tarn-et-Garonne countryside.

It was a pleasure to pursue my immersion in the French language for a week whilst taking advantage of the surroundings and of Pierre’s knowledge of language and history. I did wish I had booked two weeks!

Our excursions were fantastic. I am so grateful to Pierre for showing us some of les plus beaux villages de France – Bruniquel, Puycelsi and Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val were just stunning places to visit. The wine-tasting at Gaillac was not only a great opportunity to compare French wines with Australian, but to also practise my French conversation with someone else in close quarters.

On our final day, we ventured on a pathway along the edge of Cirque de Bône with beautiful views across to Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val and ended up exploring a gigantic cave, typical of the limestone geography of the region.

Each evening, we enjoyed the freedom to explore the local chemins which connected my stone, restored herbergerie with both Montricoux and Bruniquel. I loved relaxing at the end of each day with a walk home from either village, but not before a glass of red wine at one of several cafes.

And the French studies were also profitable and enjoyable…

I took advantage of Pierre’s Masters in History and thoroughly engaged with learning more of the history of France and the French language – a subject that I find fascinating.

Pierre and I studied the oral language in ways that I had not previously. I felt enriched after the week to have a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the French language such as intonation, accentuation and the art of knowing where to liaise and where a liaison is interdit. We reviewed the specific rhythms and sounds that make the French language such a musical and pleasurable experience for the listener. And then there were the multitude of phrases that the French throw around in everyday conversation but we etrangeres do not learn (or practise) in any grammar text book such as bref, dis donc or quand meme; d’ailleurs and d’ou. I still need lots of practice with the correct usage of three phrases: en fait, au fait and en effet. But I do know lots more about the construction of mise en relief!

After only five days, I surely have a far greater appreciation of the qualities and phrases of French. Can I now go forth and demonstrate these features more fluently when I am speaking? Ca y est – it’s an ongoing challenge for we non-native French speakers.

I will definitely be back for more immersion to assist me with this goal!


This year, I wanted to advance my French language and so embarked on a French today, immersion homestay with Pierre in the south-west France in the region Tarn-et-Garonne.

I travelled to Montauban where I was met by Pierre and we drove to the Gite, where I would be staying. We immediately started to converse in French, it was difficult with my stunted French but Pierre is very patient.

The Gite is situated in the beautiful countryside, where you can relax by the pool or explore the many hiking tracks. On arrival we also met the owners of the Gite who were very welcoming.

Each day Pierre arrived for Breakfast and we had a French lesson until lunch. After lunch we then ventured out to explore the area, all while conversing in French. Our explorations took us to Bruniquel where we explored the village and the chateau, we also visited the village of Puycelsi and Penne. And the other days we hiked into countryside and discovered a number of caves, one of which had some pre-historic paintings!

Cette annee, Je voulais ameliorer mon francais et du coup je me suis embarquee dans un sejour d’immersion de French Today avec Pierre dans le sud-ouest de la France.
J’ai voyage a montuaban quand Pierre m’a recontre a la gare, et nous sommes alle au Gite, en voiture, ou je devais rester. Nous avons commence a parler en Francais immediatement. C’etait difficile mais Pierre est tres patient.
Le Gite est dans une belle campagne ou vous pouvez vous detendre dans le piscine ou faire de la randonnee. A l’arrivee nous avons rencontres les proprietaires du gite qui etaient tres accueillants.
Chaque jour, Pierre arrivait dans le gite pour le petit-dejeuner et nous prenions le cours de francais jusqu’au dejeuner. Apres le dejeuner nous explorions la region tout en parlant en Francais. Nous avons explore des villages, Bruniquel, Puyselsi et Penne. Nous avons aussi fait de la randonnee et explore des grottes, en fait, une grotte avait des peintures prehistoriques.
Pierre m’ encourageait a regarder les films en francais le soir et me donnait des devoirs.
Cetait une bonne experience que je recommenderais a tout le monde.


Learning French isn’t easy and it is clear that real life practice is by far the best way to improve.

My week’s French immersion has been both helpful and motivating, with the perfect blend of morning lessons, afternoon outings and a good helping of French cheese + bread !

Altogether it wasn’t what I expected, notably, I was surprised by how little I was intimidated by speaking French thanks to your patience and steady corrections. And of course, I was surprised by the outings not least by explaining and the bat filled caves of the nearby forest!

The one-on-one tutoring has been a unique opportunity to work on my pronunciation, for me the hardest element of language learning. I hope to retain the knowledge and skills this trip has given me, as well as the memories of traditional French villages and delicious ice cream.

Thank you for a great week Pierre!


There was a heat-wave in the south of France when I spent a week with Pierre in the picturesque Tarn-Garonne – however my gîte accommodation was of sturdy construction and I had no problem with the heat.

Pierre came each morning at 8.15 and we had breakfast together. The rest of the morning was spent in formal teaching and then Pierre would prepare lunch – sometimes a tasty galette, sometimes a salad. One day we went to the nearby village of Montricoux and bought fresh produce from the market.

We visited very interesting villages in the area – Bruniquel, Puycelsi and also Penne which is in the valley of the Aveyron. And there was a wine-tasting too.

Pierre left at 4pm and I prepared my own evening meal – often using salads or other foods which Pierre had left for me.

I learned a great deal and appreciated Pierre’s concentration on speaking the language as it is spoken by most French people- the familiar, rather than the strictly formal.

It was a great experience – thank you Pierre.

Jackson Family: Jacqueline, Cameron, Valérie & Connor

We are a family of four from Canada that wanted a 2-week holiday in France. When we were planning our holiday, we were hoping to find an opportunity where we could improve our French yet still feel we were on a holiday.

We stumbled onto French Today and decided to book our holiday with Pierre because of the beautiful location and the fact he was willing to accommodate our family and our different levels of French. Pierre was such a hospitable host and met us when we arrived to make sure we could find the “gîte” he had rented for us in the beautiful countryside near Montricoux.

Pierre stayed with us that first afternoon and showed us around the property. He also left us with all the fixings to make a beautiful dinner that evening, including potatoes from his own garden. The week flew by!

Some of our favourite times during our stay were the many conversations we would have in French on a wide variety of topics. Pierre would arrive early enough in the morning with breakfast and we would sit outside on the patio conversing with him over fresh bread, fruit and coffee.

During our chats, he would politely correct our French as needed. After breakfast, Pierre provided two French lessons for us, a more advanced session for my daughter and I, followed by another more basic lesson for my husband and son. He seemed to recognize exactly what each of us needed to improve our French at our own levels.

Following our lessons, Pierre then showed off his culinary skills, whipping up some beautiful, healthy lunches using local foods, including many from his own garden! He also met the dietary needs of our daughter with ease. My daughter is still raving about the galettes!

Afternoons were spent exploring one of the many historic towns, castle ruins, or prehistoric caves near our gîte. Pierre made sure to find out what interested us the most and brought us there. During our excursions, Pierre would continue to speak to us in French so that we could continue to be immersed in the language and practice speaking French as much as possible.

One excursion was a once in a lifetime event: watching La Tour de France go by the community of Bruniquel, just 15 minutes from where we were staying.

We spent our evenings by ourselves and we had the option to explore the Montricoux area (and the local food!), watch a couple of the many excellent French DVDs Pierre made available, or catch up on our homework. We were so fortunate for having our own tour guide/French instructor for an entire week.

Pierre provided us with an opportunity for us to strengthen our understanding of the language while experiencing the culture, the history, and beauty of this rustic and tranquil corner of southern France. After having had so many wonderful experiences, on our last day we all felt a sadness about leaving our esteemed instructor and guide, and all that Pierre graciously provided.

I already miss everything about our stay in France. I recently attended an event with Francophones and I felt so much more comfortable using my French and using some of the new words I learned.

Merci Pierre!


Pierre was an exemplary host during our time in Lot. Staying in a beautiful rural setting, in just one week, I enjoyed a variety of excursions to historic castles, a prehistoric cave and local markets.

Pierre was always extremely kind and accommodating making sure I was comfortable and had everything we needed. Nothing was too much trouble! Pierre is also very knowledgeable about the history of the local area and ensured I got the best out of my short stay.

I enjoyed meeting Pierre’s family and indulging in simple, delicious French cuisine. Pierre is a dedicated, thorough and enthusiastic teacher and combined very well the French learning needs. I had a great time playing “Tarot” and will definitely take this back to Australia with us.

Thank you to Pierre, Gwendoline and your extended family and to the very kind Gite owners, Monique and Jean Claude, for my fantastic week in Lot et Garonne.

I really enjoyed the week. It was very nice to meet you.


If improving your French language skills is your desire, especially where the spoken aspect is concerned, then doing a week-long immersion course with Pierre is for you. Pierre is not only a consummate teacher but a perfect host and guide.

My week in a “gîte” outside Montricoux proved to be a very pleasant experience, not only because it was educational, but it had a strong
cultural component as well. Mornings were devoted to the more formal approach to grammar, syntax, vocabulary, idioms, etc., the building blocks of all languages, but all in a very laid-back and easy approach – nothing like the way I learned French at school in Australia. It was challenging but fun and being “one-on-one” was very reassuring.

The rest of the days were devoted to excursions to local villages and cultural sights where discussions about what was being observed and experienced as well as just “being there” aided in the appreciation of what “French” constitutes – not just a language but a state of mind and a philosophy to be truly admired.

Pierre is not only competent but patient – he was able to read my level of expertise with the language very early and structured the rest of the week accordingly. It was indeed “immersion” but not so deep that I thought I was drowning. I have come home much more confident with what is undoubtedly a beautiful and passionate language and encouraged to continue with my quest to master its intricacies. Another visit in the years to come to renew this experience may show Pierre how far I have progressed and how valuable his
part in the process has been this past week.

And by the way, Pierre is a good cook, so be prepared to help in the kitchen and your experience will be “complet”.


The only problem with my visit to Tarn-et-Garonne was that I had to leave at the end of the course! It would have been such a pleasure to go on like that for a whole month, with Pierre making me delicious things to eat and talking to me about all things French.

Before I arrived I knew that I wanted to work on oral expression but I was worried that an immersion course would be too difficult for me: I learnt some French at school, but that was a long time ago and I have never really spoken the language. However, from the moment that Pierre picked me up at the station, I knew that things would go well. It is not just that he is an exceptional teacher – although that’s certainly true. It’s also that he is a kind and generous person who shared so much more than his language with me.

The classes were well-structured but flexible, with Pierre focusing on expressions and techniques that would help me understand the French that real people speak (as opposed to the French you find in grammar books). And when we did talk about grammar, I found that Pierre has a knack for helping you understand why languages work in different ways from each other. (I should add that his English is excellent, so if I didn’t understand something in French there was no problem in switching to English for an explanation.) Most of all, it was clear that I was getting a form of tuition that was tailored exactly to my needs, and I could tell from the way that he talks about his job that this is something that he does for all of his students, whether they are very advanced or total beginners. (He is also extremely patient, and he was able to correct my many mistakes in a friendly and unjudgmental way.)

After our formal classes were over for the day, we would have lunch together before going on an outing. I definitely wanted an immersion in a rural location but I wasn’t prepared for the sheer beauty and calm of this particular corner of France. Whether you are driving to a picturesque village or taking a walk along one of the many paths adjacent to the house, you will find yourself marvelling at the wildflowers, the birdsong, and the stunning views. The area is extraordinarily rich in picture-perfect villages, dramatic scenery, and hill-top castles. What’s more, you will learn about everything you see because Pierre loves to share his passion for history and the natural world. My favourite day was the one I spent with Pierre and his lovely partner and stepdaughter at the market in St Antonin-Noble-Val: we even had a barbecue afterward with food from the market stalls. I also have fond memories of the star-filled night sky (no light pollution!), of our visits to the local beauty-spots and museums, and of talking with Pierre about French films and music.

I could say a lot more but, looking back over my time in Tarn-et-Garonne, the thing that stands out is how much fun it was. Pierre’s delicious sense of humour made classes pass easily and without any feeling of strain. He loves games and wordplay, and this makes itself felt in the way that he teaches. I often found that a particular word or phrase was sticking in my mind because Pierre had made a pun about it. And in a way, that sums up his method. You are learning all the time, but it’s a million miles from the dry way in which languages are usually taught at school.

Now that I’m back home I have a notebook full of tips and a renewed enthusiasm for pushing on with my learning. Most of all – and this is completely down to Pierre – I feel more confident in my ability to go on improving, and I have an increased appreciation of the richness and beauty of the French language.

Mike & Heather

My wife Heather and I have just finished a week-long course with Pierre. We found him to be extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of French language and culture and found his explanations of the use of the language were clear, concise and easily understandable.

Pierre made every effort to co-ordinate our visits to places with our interests.

The place we stayed was run by Jean-Claude and Monique, a delightful and outgoing couple who were willing to engage with us. The accommodation was spacious and well equipped with a lovely terrasse and peaceful surroundings.

By the end of the week, our French had improved exponentially. Our only regret was that we only had a week with Pierre. We would have liked to have had longer.
We thoroughly recommend Pierre as a French teacher.


I had the privilege and pleasure of enjoying a week of Immersion in the Tarn-et-Garonne region with Pierre.

During the week, we started the mornings with a delicious breakfast followed by a few hours of class, then lunch and an afternoon hike or ride to one of the many medieval villages in the area. The days were intensive but relaxed, structured but casual, if that makes sense. The evenings I spent assimilating the day’s learning, reading, hiking the area, and relaxing with a French film. Pierre has quite a library to choose from: movies from all genres.

Other than the jaw-droppingly beautiful countryside and quaint medieval villages we visited, one of the things that impressed me the most was Pierre’s patience. He encouraged conversation, and saw mistakes as a means of improvement…and I offered him lots of them.

Over the years, I’ve picked up numerous “mauvaise habitudes” that would show up repeatedly in conversation. Pierre would patiently corrected me, explain the grammar, and the next day (or even later the same day), gently correct me again. And again. His reminders helped me break bad habits and progress in the language.

Overall, I found the Tarn-et-Garonne to be such a stunning setting and Pierre to be such a good teacher, that someday I hope to return for another week of immersion with him.


Hello Pierre. Thank you for such a wonderful experience! I loved my homestay!

Your knowledge of both English and French not only helped my language acquisition, but my understanding of the logic behind the rules as well. It was a dream moment of mine, finding myself discussing ancient civilizations….in French! Your patience, kindness, and gentle correction helped me gain confidence and use my French to the best of my ability. I also enjoyed our conversations about daily life as it pertained to life in France or news from home.

Thank you for the amazing meals! You introduced me to a variety of new cuisine, and it was delicious! The gîte was very comfortable and I loved my neighbors! Please tell them hello for me! I also loved the riding experience as well as our excursion to Bruniquel and Montricoux.

Thank you again for hosting me. I learned a lot, felt very comfortable, and had a great time! I hope to return someday soon!

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