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C’est Versus Il Est

You cannot translate "c’est" = 'it is', "il est" = 'he is'. In French, both "il est" and "c’est" translate as 'it is', 'he is'. What matters is what comes next: a noun or an adjective. This rule is not easy for English speakers: it’s already hard enough to refer to a thing by him or her, it is even harder to use "c’est" + a person It sounds in English like you are saying 'it's' + person... very very bad... You need to train a lot on this concept before it becomes natural to you. [Read More...]

French Misadventures

Frank is one of my French students by Skype and in this article, he's sharing with us true anecdotes of his visit to France. I love his style and humor and he has good tips for anybody who plans on going there one day! [Read More...]

Ma Guerre Contre les Putois (with Audio)

Practice French with a fun and lively intermediate level story about an unfortunate skunk encounter - it's a situation a lot of you may be familiar with! You'll find the French transcript, a list of French English vocabulary and the French audio recording of it below. [Read More...]