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🦌 French Forest Animals Vocabulary

Eliane By Eliane - updated on Aug 13, 2020
french forest vocabulary

Learn the French forest animal names presented as a simple French vocabulary list with English translations.

Here are some of the animals you could find in a French forest. Would you like me make a better list? Please add suggestion in French with English translation in the comment and I’ll add them to the list! Thank you!

1 – Common French Forest Animals

These animals you could pretty much find in any French forest. If you come for an French immersion stay in my house, you may see them!

  1. Une biche = a doe
  2. Un chevreuil = a roe deer
  3. Un écureuil = a squirrel
  4. Un rat = rat
  5. Un rat d’eau = water rat
  6. Une souris = mouse
  7. Une fouine= a weasel
  8. Un lièvre = a hare
  9. Un lapin = a rabbit
  10. Un blaireau = a badger
  11. Un sanglier = a boar
  12. Un renard = a fox
  13. Un hérisson = a hedgehog
  14. Une chauve-souris = a bat
  15. Une couleuvre = corn snake (a non venomous snake)
  16. Un putois = a skunk
  17. Une taupe = a mole
  18. Une grenouille = a frog
  19. Un crapaud = a toad

3 – French Forest Birds

  1. Un oiseau = a bird (plural: des oiseaux with a silent x)
  2. Une pie = a magpie
  3. Un pic vert = woodpecker
  4. Un hibou = an owl
  5. Un canard = duck
  6. Une poule d’eau = gallinule (a sort of aquatique bird)
  7. Un héron = heron
  8. Un corbeau = raven
  9. Une corneille = small crow
  10. Un merle = blackbird
  11. Un pigeon sauvage = wild pigeon
  12. Une tourterelle = dove
  13. Une chouette = a small owl
  14. Un rapace = prey bird

2 – Rare Forest Animals

Here are some animals you could find in some specific forests of France, but that are not really common.

  1. Une loutre = an otter
  2. Un castor = a beaver
  3. Un raton laveur = a raccoon
  4. Un cerf = a deer
  5. Un loup = wolf
  6. Un bouquetin = ibex, mountain sheep
  7. Un lynx = lynx
  8. Un ours = bear
  9. Une vipère = viper
  10. Un vautour = vulture
  11. Un aigle = eagle
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