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💬 20 French Abbreviations

Camille Chevalier-Karfis By Camille Chevalier-Karfis - updated on Jul 15, 2020

Learn the abbreviations common in French like bjr for bonjour. Find out what “cpab1” or “kekina” mean in French ‘SMS’ language…

Abbreviations are commonly used when writing French. We use abbreviations all the time when writing informal notes or email. French abbreviations are even more common now with texting…

So here are some very common French abbreviations.

10 Top French Abbreviations

  • BJR = bonjour = hi
  • BSR = bonsoir = have a good night, hi (in the evening)
  • SLT = salut
  • MDR = mort(e) de rire = LOL
  • JTM = je t’aime = I love you (I’m in love with you)
  • MSG = un message = message
  • PK = pourquoi? = why?
  • QQC = quelque chose = something
  • QQ1 = quelqu’un = someone
  • BZ = bisous, bises = kisses

10 French SMS contractions

What is texting exactly? Texting consists of a series of abbreviations, which allow you to say more within the 160 characters the SMS format allows.

It’s a faster language, easier to type on the 10 keys of the cell phone (un portable).

Well, easier… faster said than… understood!!!

Here are some examples

  1. kekina = qu’est-ce qu’il y a? = what’s going on?
  2. kestufé = qu’est-ce que tu fais? = what are you doing?
  3. @2m1= à demain = see you tomorrow
  4. j’tapLDkej’pe = je t’appelle dès que je peux = I call you as soon as I can
  5. GT ché L = j’étais chez elle = I was at her place
  6. cpab1 = c’est pas bien = it’s not good.
  7. AT souè = à tes souhaits = bless you (when someone sneezes)
  8. ta éT voir koi o 6né =  tu as été voir quoi au ciné ? = what did you see at the movies?
  9. tu vi1 7 aprem = tu viens cet après-midi? = are you coming this afternoon?
  10. LA fé 1 gato = elle a fait un gateau = she made a cake

As you can see, these are quite different than traditional French greetings and politeness and use some interesting twists on French pronunciation

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