Le Gigot d’Agneau – French Roasted Leg of Lamb Recipe

Today, we'll take a look at a very traditional French leg of lamb recipe: le gigot d'agneau Pascal. In case you were wondering, let's be clear: "Agneau Pascal" does NOT mean "Some guy named Pascal's recipe for leg of lamb!" but rather the lamb that is traditionally cooked for Easter (called "Pâques") holiday. [Read More...]

The Ultimate French Tennis Vocabulary List

To celebrate the French Open starting this week (or "Roland Garros" as we call it in French), I wanted to put together the most comprehensive list French tennis terms I could think of. I'm a big fan of tennis myself and also play about 3 to 4 times a week so I hear these terms all the time (although the ones about me leading in the score not as often as I wished!). [Read More...]

Desperately Seeking Turkey

For our first Thanksgiving in France after living 18 years in the US, I was very excited to get some of our English speaking friends together and throw my famous Thanksgiving meal this Saturday (as much as I wish it, today is not a holiday in France :-( [Read More...]

What does the JeSuisCharlie mean and what is Charlie Hebdo?

I wanted to write a little something about the newspaper Charlie Hebdo in the context of the horrible events of January 2015. This is not about starting a political or religious debate (this being a company site, it is not appropriate nor relevant) but by speaking to many of our students last week, I wanted to clear up a couple of perceptions that we heard. [Read More...]

Pears Belle Helene Recipe

This pears with a chocolate sauce and ice-cream dessert is a classic French dessert that I love to serve. It's relatively easy to make and I'm sure it will impress your guests tremendously… Go to the end of my article for "twists" to the Belle Hélène French dessert. [Read More...]

Tajine D’agneau au Citron Confit et Olives

"Un Tajine" is a sort of stew from Morocco and is both the name of the dish AND of the particularly shaped pot that you cook/serve it in. Essentially, a Tajine is a stew that can feature any number of vegetables with an any meat that is slowly cooked in a sauce. [Read More...]

How to Open a Scallop Easily – Video

Here in Bretagne, we are very lucky to have access to some of the best seafood in the world that is fished mere kilometers away from our shore (I think it's to compensate us for the 300+ days of rain but I digress ;-) One such beast that we get plenty of in season is scallops. [Read More...]

Scallops with Truffle & Fresh Pasta in Coral Sauce

This recipe calls for some truffles. These can be hard to find and can be expensive based on the quantity/quality that you are purchasing. We were lucky that a student of Camille offered some to us a few months back (merci Lingzi!) but you can find them in specialty stores and they don't have to cost you an arm and a leg. [Read More...]