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French Vacation Vocabulary & Expressions - Les Vacances

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"Les vacances" (always plural in French) - vacation, is at the heart of the French culture. With 5 weeks paid vacation for French employees, and a total of 16 weeks of vacation for French school students, France sure values her holidays. In this lesson, we will study the French vacation vocabulary, learn expressions used for holidays, as well as cultural information and tips.

French Music Vocabulary + Fête de la Musique Easy Bilingual Story

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National Music Day was June 21st in France: music concerts, festivals and street parties were organized everywhere in France throughout the weekend. In this French music lesson, we'll go over the different French music styles, musical instruments, general music related French vocabulary and how to use the verb "jouer" and "faire" with instruments. Finally, you'll practice your new French music vocabulary with Suzanne's easy bilingual story about the national French music day: la fête de la musique.