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10 Ways You Can Help French Today Grow

Camille Chevalier-Karfis By Camille Chevalier-Karfis - updated on Jun 17, 2020
Help French Today

As you know, we are a small business: husband & wife, lots of work and good will. Running a small web based business in this economy is not easy, so if you like our blog and all our free resources, here are 10 ways you can help us out. Thank you in advance!

1. Talk about French Today

Word of mouth is the best advertising there is. Think about those around you who could be interested by French Today: your colleagues, fellow students, teachers… Are any friend or family member studying French? Someone who travels to France? Or someone who enjoys French wine or food?

And if you need business cards, just contact us, we’ll send some to you by mail.

2. Review An Audiobook

If you purchased one of our audiobooks to learn French, please leave a review: it’s very fast, and it’s the best way to let people know that our audiobooks are really good. All our reviews come from verified customers.

If you have a blog, we’d love it if you could review one of our products.  In exchange for your unbiased review, we’ll reimburse the cost of the product to you: contact us for more info.

3. Click our Community Buttons

At the bottom of the blog pages, you’ll see buttons: Facebook Like, Tweet and Google +1. If you use these social networks, clicking these buttons would help us tremendously: they get the word out and they help French Today rank higher in searches. So, whenever you are browsing the site and you like what you are reading/hearing, please remember to click :-)

4. Leave Comments on Our French Blog Articles

Again, the more comments, the more visibility. It makes us feel good when people tell us they like what we do. It’s very important to us.

5. Enroll in Our Affiliate Program

You have a website, or a blog ? Send us some traffic and get 20 to 30% of the sale generated by your site!

We are using a special program that can track back the origin of the sale: you’ll have a special link on your site: if people click on your French Today link, and buy something, then you get paid. It’s that easy. More details on our affiliate program

6. Write an Article About Us

Member of the press? We have an interesting story (raised in France, moved to the US for 18 years then returned back to the north of France to simplify our lives and raise our bilingual daughter among our family, self starters, author of 200+ hours of audio…) and a unique approach to teaching.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for an interview or quotes…

7. Become a Blog Writer

If you feel you have expertise in something France-related, and your are dependable and serious about contributing to our blog, we’d love to hear about it. Contact us.

8. Distribute Business Cards

You live in a neighborhood with French restaurants, French bakeries… know of French clubs? Your university has a French department? If you think you could leave a stock of business cards at one of these places, or hang a poster on an information board, it would be awesome!

Just contact us and we’ll mail you some business cards, posters…

9. Buy Our Audiobooks

This one is rather obvious… that’s how we make a living!

Browse our French audiobook guide to find the best tool for learning French.

L1 + L2 À Moi Paris Method – Beginner
4.95 (264 reviews)

10. Experience an Authentic French Immersion at a French Teacher’s Home

I personally hand selected these French teachers for their expertise at teaching French, their reliability and the comfort of their home. I’ve been working with some of them since 1999… The customer reviews don’t lie: an immersion homestay in France with one of French Today’s recommended teachers is an unforgettable experience.

Each and every one of these steps would help our business grow.

Thank you to all our patrons who made moving from a large US city, quitting well paid jobs and returning to France possible.

We love our new life close to our family in a small town, and we hope French Today keeps growing so we can raise our daughter close to our loved ones. Mille mercis!!!

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