7 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for French Learners

Author: Nicole

Can following French Instagram accounts help me on my language learning journey? Seven top French accounts you should be following and why.

Is your French learning currently limited to textbooks, dictionaries and pages of endless vocabulary lists? Well, thankfully you don’t have to stick to just these methods anymore. Instagram is a fantastic tool to use on your language learning journey.

The truth is, most of us waste minutes, if not hours everyday scrolling through hundreds of pictures and videos on Instagram. So, we may as well use this to our advantage! Nowadays, there are heaps of French language accounts on the app.

There are posts about French vocabulary, slang, memes, grammar, quotes, common French mistakes, quizzes… just about everything really.

One of the best things about these accounts is that the information is easily digestible. It is easier to remember one French word, than twenty from a written vocabulary list. Many French Instagram accounts are also now using the audio option, meaning you can actually hear how natives speak French, and you can pick up on the correct French pronunciation.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or at an advanced level, following a few French accounts on Instagram can really help you to progress with your learning.

Here are six of my favorite accounts to get you started:

1 – @street_french

Street French focuses heavily on conversational French (which is what a lot of learners want!). His videos teach people alternative and perhaps more slangy terms for words like ‘travailler’ (to work). In this particular case he recommends using ‘bosser’.

This account also has translation challenges where Charlie (the account owner) speaks a few phrases in French, and you have to write what you think he has said in the comments section. His “stop saying (…). In French” and instead say “(…).” posts are very useful.

2 – @learnfrenchwithclemence

Learn French With Clémence is for all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Clémence shares posts, videos and interactive quizzes that focus on everyday phrases, vocabulary and common expressions to help French learners communicate naturally, as if they were locals.

3 – @Frenchacking

Frenchacking is a fun Instagram page to follow. You will find a range of French memes and jokes which make the learning process a lot more enjoyable. Of course, the page is not just fun and games. Frenchacking uploads regular vocabulary posts and teaches you common French expressions (e.g: Ça me met mal à l’aise: This makes me feel uncomfortable).

But the posts I appreciate the most are the “common French mistakes posts”. I think we can all admit to making a few of these on our French learning journeys!

4 – @Frenchwords

This page is dangerous because it is so aesthetically pleasing that it will give you a sudden urge to book a trip to France (and probably never return).

But besides the drop-dead-gorgeous photos of Paris, the owners of this account focus on French vocabulary, usually posting one French word in bold letters with its English translation. This may help you to remember words more easily because the information feels a bit more digestible. They also post French quotes by famous French figures such as Simone de Beauvoir.

5 – @Learnfrencheasily

The great thing about Learn French Easily is that you can listen to the pronunciation of the written French in their posts, with the option of the audio recording. (*Note: Not every post has this choice, but there are plenty that do.) It is really beneficial to listen to how French is spoken by natives.

This page also has a lot of memes and jokes in French, as well as some posts on French slang terms. It will definitely keep you entertained.

6 – @French_take_out

This page is run by two men called Ben and Romain. Recently they have started posting videos of themselves speaking in French which gives the account a personal and friendly ‘vibe’ to it. Again, it is really useful to hear French natives speaking as it allows you to hear the correct pronunciation.

They have videos on just about every possible theme; such as ‘’How to use the word ‘putain’ in French’’ and ‘’5 ways to say ‘I’m tired’ in French.’’ They also provide videos on common French mistakes (such as ‘Je suis chaud Vs. J’ai chaud).

7 – @French_estudy

I absolutely adore this instagram page. It is unique, fun and teaches French in a different way. This page uploads snippets of popular songs and movies in French and adds the subtitles in both French and English to help you follow along with the words.

This means you can sing along or repeat the movie scenes (whilst practicing your pronunciation). What a genius idea! Some of the movie snippets include Pretty Woman, Midnight in Paris and The Devil Wears Prada.

So now you have six Instagram accounts that can help you on your French learning journey. Of course don’t rely on Instagram itself to learn French (you won’t get too far like this), but it is a great addition to your toolbox.

And if you want to follow French Today on their Instagram page, here is the link @realfrenchtoday. Camille posts mostly pictures of her daily life in Brittany as well as her family trips. The posts are written in easy French, and you can use the instagram translation option to translate them. It’s a fun way to keep in touch with Camille’s life and practice your French.

What about you? What are some of your own favorite Instagram accounts for French learners?

Author: Nicole


I'm a language tutor and freelance writer from London. I have always been interested in all things language and culture related, so I studied French and Portuguese at University. I spent half of my year abroad in Paris which was amazing! Now I'm spreading my love for languages through writing!

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