45 French Bird Names

Author: Camille Chevalier-Karfis

We are lucky to enjoy so many birds in France. Here is a complete list of French bird names with English translation. Please suggest more!

There are thousands of French bird names, so I cannot possibly list them all here… But here are some common French bird names with English translations.

How do you say Bird in French?

The French name for bird is “un oiseau”. Birds in the plural is “des oiseaux” : the x at the end is silent.

10 Common French Birds Names

  1. Un moineau = a sparrow
  2. Une corneille = a small crow
  3. Un merle = a blackbird
  4. Un pigeon = a pigeon
  5. Une hirondelle = swallow
  6. Un pie = magpie
  7. Un étourneau = starling
  8. Une mouette = seagull
  9. Un goéland = herring gull
  10. Un canard = duck

If you’d like to contribute to this list with somewhat common French bird names, please make suggestions in the comments (with the English translation please – I need both French and English please to add it up to the list). Merci!

10 Forest French Bird Names

  1. Un pivert = a woodpecker
  2. Un hibou = an owl
  3. Un corbeau = a raven
  4. Une tourterelle = a dove
  5. Une chouette = a small owl
  6. Un rapace = prey bird
  7. Un faucon = hawk
  8. Un épervier = sparrow-hawk
  9. Une caille – quail
  10. Un faisan – pheasant
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10 Garden French Bird Names

We are very lucky to enjoy many birds in our French gardens. Here are a few of the very common ones: my favorite is “le chardonneret”. What’s yours?

  1. Un rouge-gorge = robin
  2. Un roitelet huppé = goldcrest
  3. Une mésange = tit, chickadee
  4. Un chardonneret = goldfinch
  5. Un verdier = greenfinch
  6. Un pinson = chaffinch
  7. Une bergeronette = wagtail
  8. Une grive = thrush
  9. Un accenteur mouchet = dunnock (hedge sparrow)
  10. Un geai – jay bird
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5 Water Birds

Here is a list of common French water birds.

  1. Une canne = female duck
  2. Une poule d’eau = moorhen, gallinule (a sort of aquatique bird)
  3. Un cygne = swan
  4. Une oie = goose
  5. Un héron = a heron

5 Rare French Bird Names

Here are some birds you can find in some parts of France but not everywhere.

  1. Un vautour = vulture
  2. Un aigle = eagle
  3. Un pélican = pelican
  4. Un flamant rose = flamingo
  5. Une cigogne = stork

5 French Pet Bird Names

Here I’ve listed the names of birds who are common bird pets in France.

  1. Un perroquet – parrot
  2. Une perruche – parakeet
  3. Un diamant mandarin – zebra finch
  4. Un diamant de gould – (Lady) gouldian finch – rainbow finch
  5. Un canari – canary

For birds you could find on a farm, I suggest you look at my French farm animal article.

Author: Camille Chevalier-Karfis

Camille Chevalier-Karfis

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