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🧘🏻‍♀️ 30 Yoga Poses in French English and Sanskrit

Chloé By Chloé - updated on Aug 13, 2020
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Thirty yoga poses in French, English and Sanskrit How do you say downward-facing dog in French? La posture du chien tête en bas (adho mukha svanasana)

Students from all over the world enjoy practicing yoga in France. However, the French yoga vocabulary, in particular the French yoga pose names can be challenging.

So I’ve put together this list of 30 yoga poses translated in French, English and Sanskrit. I hope it helps!

10 Standing Yoga Poses in French, English and Sanskrit

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Secrets of French Pronunciation

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  1. La posture de l’arbre – tree pose – vrksasana
  2. La posture de la montagne –  mountain pose – tadasana
  3. La posture du triangle –  triangle pose – trikonasana
  4. La posture du chien tête en bas –  downward-facing dog pose – adho mukha svanasana
  5. La posture de l’étirement intense – standing forward bend – uttanasana
  6. La posture du guerrier un –  warrior 1 pose – virabhadrasana 1
  7. La posture du guerrier deux – warrior 2 pose – virabhadrasana 2
  8. La posture de la chaise – chair pose – vtkatasana
  9. La posture de l’aigle – eagle pose – garudasana
  10. La posture de l’angle étiré – extended angle pose – utthita Parsvakonasana

11 Sitting Yoga Poses in French, English and Sanskrit

  1. La posture du lotus – lotus pose – padmasana
  2. La posture parfaite – accomplished pose – siddhasana
  3. La tête de vache – cow face – gomukhasana
  4. La posture du diamant – vajra pose – vajrasana
  5. La posture du héros – hero pose – virasana
  6. La posture du papillon – butterfly pose – badhakonasana
  7. La posture du bateau – boat pose – navasana
  8. La posture du bâton – staff pose – dandasana
  9. La posture de la tête au genou – head-to-knee pose – janu sirsasana
  10. La posture facile – easy posture – sukasana
  11. La posture de l’étirement du dos – back streching pose – pashimottanasana

9 Sitting Yoga Poses in French, English and Sanskrit

  1. Le cobra – cobra pose – bhujangasana
  2. La posture du cadavre – corpse pose – savasana
  3. La posture du poisson – fish pose – matsyasana
  4. La posture de l’enfant –  child pose – balasana
  5. La posture de la grenouille – frog pose – bhekasana
  6. La torsion couchée – belly twist – jathara parivrtti
  7. La table à deux pieds – two legged table – dwi pada pitham
  8. La posture de la sauterelle – locust pose – salabhasana
  9. La posture de Vishnou – Vishnu pose – anantasana

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