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French Mistakes: Beware of the To Be + verb in ING Constructions

There is a notion totally lost in translation: the progressive constructions in English. I am watching TV, they were dancing, she will be arriving soon... All these progressive constructions (to be + verb in ING) which come naturally to an English speaker often lead to mistakes when they translate them into French. Quite understandable since these constructions simply don't exist in French! [Read More...]

When to Use “Être” or “Avoir” With Passé Composé + Video

Most verbs in French use "avoir" to form compound tenses such as passé-composé, plus-que-parfait, futur-antérieur etc... But some verbs use "être". In this lesson, I'm going to point out mnemotechnic ways to memorize them, but mostly I am offering you a deeper understanding of the logic behind this grammatical behavior. Once you understand why a verb uses "avoir" or "être", it's much easier to remember. [Read More...]