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Leyla loooooves our French jokes and puns series, so much indeed that she wanted to record her own: here you go (elle est trop mignonne)... Enjoy!

Devinette #1

Que disent deux bonshommes de neige qui se rencontrent ? …

Tu ne trouves pas que ça sent la carotte aujourd’hui ?


What do 2 snowmen say when they meet each other?

Don’t you think it smells like carrots today?


Devinette #2

Qu’est-ce qui fait “teuf teuf” en dessous de la terre ?

Une taupe en scooter !


What goes “teuf teuf” underground?

A mole riding a scooter !


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Hi, My name is Leyla and I'm Camille and Olivier's daughter. I'm 9 years old now, but I was born in the US and lived there till I was 4. I'm a bilingual child and I love speaking French AND English (my secret language here in France). I'll sometimes post videos of me telling traditional French songs/poems that I learn in school. I hope you enjoy them :-)

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