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Devinettes Quelle est la ville la plus vieille du monde? Réponse: Milan.What is the oldest city in the world?Answer: Milan (sounds like "mille ans": a thousand year)  

Quel est le coquillage le moins lourd ?

Réponse : la palourde

What sea shell is the least heavy?
Answer: the palourde (a sort of clam, but it sounds like “pas lourde”: not heavy)

Mostafa Abedinifard

I am doing my PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of Alberta. In my research I use three languages: Farsi, English, and French. The first is my mother tongue, and the second has been the language of instruction in my studies during the past decade. As for French, I dare to say that my familiarity with Camille’s great French audio lessons has been a turning point in my relationship with this language. Thanks Camille!

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