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Devinettes d'ascenseur Que dit une tasse de thé dans un ascenseur ?- Je veux mon thé! Que dit un cigare dans un ascenseur ? - Je veux des cendres! 

What does a tea cup say in an elevator?
- I want to go up (well… it’s a pun! So in French, “mon thé” (my tea)  sounds just like “monter” (to go up). Hahaha…

What does a cigar say in an elevator?
- I want to go down (another one. In French “descendre” (to go down) sounds like “des cendres” (ashes).


Le bateau

Une petite fille dit à son père:
- Papa! Papa! Regarde un bateau !
- C’est pas un bateau ça; c’est un yacht !
- Comment ça s’écrit «yacht »?
- Heu … tu as raison c’est un bateau !

Note: In spoken French, they may say “C’est pas” instead of “Ce n’est pas.” 

A little girl says to her father:
- Daddy! Daddy! Look! A boat!
- That’s not a boat; it’s a yacht!
- How do you spell “yacht”?
- Er … you’re right; it’s a boat!

Toto et le temps qui passe

La maîtresse demande à Toto:
- Quel est le futur de “je bâille” ? 
- Je dors !

The yeacher asks Toto:
- What is the future [tense] of ‘I yawn’?
- I sleep!

Mostafa Abedinifard

I am doing my PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of Alberta. In my research I use three languages: Farsi, English, and French. The first is my mother tongue, and the second has been the language of instruction in my studies during the past decade. As for French, I dare to say that my familiarity with Camille’s great French audio lessons has been a turning point in my relationship with this language. Thanks Camille!

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