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💦 French Water Vocabulary

Camille Chevalier-Karfis By Camille Chevalier-Karfis - updated on Sep 15, 2020

List of French water terms and how to ask “I would like some water” in French. French vocabulary + English translation.

1 – How do you Say Water in French?

Water in French is “l’eau”. It’s feminine, and pronounced [lo]. Plural is “les eaux” pronounced [lé zo].

2 – How do you Say I Would Like Some Water in French

To say I would like some water in French, at a restaurant for example, say:

Je voudrais de l’eau – I’d like some water

Maybe you’d like to be more precise:

  1. Je voudrais une bouteille d’eau – I’d like a bottle of water
  2. Je voudrais une carafe d’eau – I’d like a pitcher of water
  3. Je voudrais un verre d’eau – I’d like a glass of water

Follow this like to my article talk about quantities in French, like a glass of, a bottle of…

3 – Different Types of Water

  1. L’eau plate – still water
  2. L’eau gazeuse – sparkling water
  3. L’eau minérale – mineral water
  4. L’eau du robinet – tap water
  5. L’eau douce – freshwater (for aquariums for example)
  6. L’eau de mer – sea water
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4 – Common French Water Brands

This can be useful at a restaurant in France:

  1. still mineral water: Evian, Vittel, Contrex
  2. sparkling water: Perrier, Badoit,

5 – More French Water Terms

  1. La pluie : rain
  2. La flotte ( slang) : rain / water
  3. la mer : the sea
  4. L’océan : the ocean
  5. Une fontaine : fountain
  6. Un robinet : tap

6 – River French Vocabulary

  1. Le ruisseau = stream
  2. La rivière = river (often mistaken by students with “la rive” = the river bank)
  3. La berge, la rive = the river bank
  4. Le fleuve = river which ends in the sea (so watch out: may students use this word for “river”, but it’s a specific kind of river… the generic term you should use is “une rivière”
  5. Le lit de la rivière = river bed
  6. Le courant =  current
  7. La source = the source, the spring
  8. L’embouchure (f) = the mouth
  9. L’éstuaire (m) = estuary, where “le fleuve” meets the sea
french vocabulary river

7 – French Flood Vocabulary

  1. La crue : rise in the water level
  2. L’inondation (f) : flood
  3. Le débordement : overflowing
  4. Déborder : to overflow
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