French Plane Vocabulary & Useful Sentences & Audio Pronunciation

Author: Camille Chevalier-Karfis

Free list of French plane vocabulary with English translation + useful sentences to ask questions / solve problems w/audio + French video for in flight safety.

Let’s start by studying how to translate plane in French, and then we’ll study the French plane vocabulary.

This free French lesson – like many on French Today’s blog – features audio recordings. Click on the link next to the headphones to hear the French pronunciation.

1 – How do you say Plane in French ?

The French word for plane is “un avion“. Note the strong liaison with the “a” [un navion]. The liaison will carry on the plural “des avions” [dé zavion].

With a French definite article, plane in French takes an elision : l’avion. The plural is “les avions” with the liaison [lé zavion]

2 – Onboard the Plane in French

  1. la classe économique – economy class
  2. la classe affaires – business class
  3. la rangée – row
  4. le siège – seat
  5. le hublot – window
  6. l’allée (f) – aisle
  7. le siège du milieu – middle seat
  8. les bagages à main – carry-on bags
  9. la cabine – cabin
  10. le casier à bagages –  overhead compartment
  11. le ventilateur – air vent
  12. la liseuse – reading light
  13. la tablette – table tray
  14. l’accoudoir – armrest
  15. le dossier – back of the seat
  16. le bouton – button
  17. la sortie de secours – emergency exit
  18. la ceinture de sécurité – safety belt
  19. les écouteurs – headphones
  20. le moniteur – screen
  21. l’oreiller – pillow
  22. la couverture – blanket
  23. le menu – menu

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3 – How do you say the plane crew in French?

The plane crew in French is “l’équipage“. It’s a masculine word.

Here is a list of the plane crew in French:

  1. le/la pilote – pilot
  2. le/la copilote – co-pilote
  3. l’hôtesse de l’air (f) – flight attendant
  4. le steward (m) – flight attendant
  5. le/la chef de cabine – Chief flight attendant

4 – Describing A Plane in French

  1. le cockpit – cockpit
  2. le réacteur – engine
  3. le fuselage – fuselage
  4. l’aile – wing
  5. la queue – tail
  6. le nez – nose (of the plane)
  7. le train d’atterrissage – landing gear
  8. l’hélice – propeller

5- How To Describe Problems on a Plane in French?

Here are some useful phrases and terms to describe problems on a plane: note that I used a modern spoken French pronunciation.

  1. Le compartiment à baggage est plein.
    The overhead compartment is full.
  2. Je ne suis pas assise à côté de mon mari.
    I’m not seated next to my husband
  3. Excusez-moi ; je pense que c’est mon siège.
    Sorry, I believe this is my seat
  4. Vous voulez bien changer de siège avec moi.
    Would you mind switching seat with me?
  5. Mon moniteur ne marche pas.
    My screen doesn’t work.
  6. Mon siège est cassé.
    My seat is broken.
  7. Je n’arrive pas à ouvrir la tablette.
    I can’t open the table tray.
  8. Je pourrais avoir une autre couverture ? J’ai froid !
    May I have another blanket? I’m cold !
  9. Tu veux bien arrêter de bouger et de donner des coups de pied dans mon siège ? Ça me dérange beaucoup et j’essaie de dormir.
    Please stop moving and kicking my seat! It’s really uncomfortable for me and I’m trying to sleep.
  10. Vous pouvez descendre le rideau du hublot ?
    Could you lower the window screen?
  11. On décolle bientôt ?
    Are we taking off soon?
  12. Quand est-ce qu’on arrive ?
    When do we get there?
  13. J’ai peur quand il y a des turbulences.
    I’m scared when there are turbulence.
  14. Whoa ! L’atterrissage était un peu brutal, non ?
    Wow! The landing was a bit hard, no?

As you’re in a plane, you may want to start a conversation with the person sitting next to you: here are my French conversation starters.

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6 – Safety in Flight Instruction in French

This bilingual video is full of useful French plane vocabulary and sentences, and it’s really fun to watch.

Air France really did a good job with that one, don’t you think?

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Author: Camille Chevalier-Karfis

Camille Chevalier-Karfis

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