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French Sculpture Vocabulary

Camille Chevalier-Karfis By Camille Chevalier-Karfis - updated on Oct 23, 2020
Touring Rodin Museum - French Sculpture Vocabulary

Learn about French sculptures and French sculpting vocabulary with this free list of French sculpting terms with English translation.

1 – French Vocabulary: Sculpture

  1. Une sculpture : sculpture
  2. Sculpting: sculpter
  3. Un sculpteur / Une sculptrice : sculptor
  4. Une statue : statue
  5. Un modèle : model
  6. Un socle : pedestal
  7. Un bas-relief : low relief
  8. Un buste : bust
  9. Les proportions : dimensions, size
  10. Sculpter : to sculpt
  11. Tailler : to carve
  12. Un maillet : mallet
  13. Ébaucher : to draft
  14. Une ébauche : a draft
  15. Modeler : to shape, to mould
  16. Un modelage : modelling
  17. Mouler : to cast
  18. Un moulage : casting
  19. Fondre : to found
  20. La fonte : melting
  21. Assembler : to assemble
  22. Un assemblage : assembling
  23. Un matériau : material
  24. Le plâtre : plaster
  25. La terre cuite : terracotta
  26. Le bois : wood
  27. Le bronze : bronze
  28. Le marbre : marble

Note from Camille: I’m having a hard time finding the names of sculpting tools in French and English! My dictionary is not very helpful with these very precise terms –  If you’d like to contribute to this free resource, please add the sculpting tools / sculpture related vocabulary words in French and English to the comments below, and I’ll gladly add them to the article! Thanks!
You can find pictures and sculpting related French vocabulary words on wikipedia.

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2 – How do you Pronounce “Sculpture” in French?

In French the P in “sculpture” and derived words is silent.
And the U is… well, a French U, like in “tu”. [scultur]

  1. Sculpture – scul tur
  2. Sculpter – scul té
  3. un sculpteur – scul teur
  4. une sculptrice – scul triss

You have to be particularly careful with these words that are similar in English and in French. They may seem easier to learn, but actually, they are more difficult because it’s so easy to say them the English way.
So you really need to train so the French pronunciation comes out naturally.

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