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💀🦴 Archaeological French Vocabulary

Emilie By Emilie - updated on Jul 7, 2020
archeological french vocabulary

Learn the archaeological French vocabulary with this list of French archeological terms with English translations.

1 – How do you Say Archaeology in French?

Archaeology in French is “l’achéologie” – the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of material and fossils.

2 – How do you Pronounced Archaeology in French?

Watch out for the French pronunciation: the “ch” part is pronounced like a “k” and the final “g” which makes a [dj] sound in English is soft in French, like in “je”

L’archéologie is pronounced [arkéoloji]

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3 – Archaeological French Vocabulary

  1. un/une archéologue – an archaeologist (m/f) – remember [k] sound in French!
  2. l’archéologie – archaeology
  3. une espèce humaine – a human species
  4. un sentier – a path
  5. un sentier d’interprétation – an interpretative trails
  6. un abri sous roche – a shelter in the rock
  7. une grotte – a cave
  8. un/une paléontologue – a paleontologist (m/f)
  9. la Préhistoire – the Prehistory
  10. l’Âge de Pierre – the Stone Age
  11. un vestige du passé – the remains, the remnants vestige of the past
  12. des silex taillés – sharpened flints
  13. des squelettes humains – human skeletons
  14. des ossements / un ensemble d’os – bones
  15. les restes fossiles –  the fossil remains
  16. une fouille archéologique – an archaelogical dig or excavation
  17. du bois de rennes – reindeer antlers
  18. tailler, sculpter – to carve
  19. des animaux disparus – extinct animals
  20. un grands ours des cavernes – a large cave bear
  21. un mammouth – a mammoth
  22. une hyène des cavernes – a cave hyaenas
  23. un rhinocéros laineux  – a woolly rhinoceros
  24. un chasseur-cueilleur – a hunter-gatherer
  25. un nomade (nom), nomade (adj.) – a nomad (noun) , nomadic ( adj.)
  26. une réplique, un facsimilé – a replica, a facsimile
  27. les peintures rupestres – rock paintings
  28. l’art pariétal – cave arts, cave paintings
  29. une paroi de grotte – a cave wall

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