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🦪 French Story – Oyster Fest in Paimpol + Video

Camille Chevalier-Karfis By Camille Chevalier-Karfis - updated on Jun 17, 2020
oysters french video

Practice your French with this video I shot during the oyster fest “la fête de l’huître” in my hometown of Paimpol, Brittany, France. We’ll learn the French pronunciation of oyster “huître” in French.

1 – Oysters In France

I first suggest you watch the video below and see if you can understand. Then study the vocabulary, and watch again (and again, and again: repetition is the key :-)

Let’s take a look at the vocabulary I used in the video :

Être en train de faire quelque chose: to be in the middle of doing something

Tomber sur: literally, this could mean to fall physically on something, or a part of your body.
Elle est tombée sur le parking: she fell on the parking lot
Elle est tombée sur le nez: she fell on her nose
Here however, it means to stumble upon an event by chance.
You may also use it with a person.
Hier, je suis tombée sur Pierre: yesterday, I ran (by chance) into Pierre.

Se régaler: to have a blast doing something – used a lot around food but you could use it with something else.
C’était délicieux : je me suis régalée
It was delicious – I had a culinary blast.
Ce livre était formidable : je me suis régalée
This book was great – I had an awesome time reading it.

Rafoller de quelque chose – to be crazy about something (this verb comes from the adjective “folle” – feminine of “fou”: crazy)

C’est dommage – it’s too bad

J’ai tout faux! – I’m completely wrong!

2 – Everyday French Practice – Oyster Fest in Paimpol

All Levels Audio Novel

Une Semaine à Paimpol

4.96 (23 reviews)

Now let’s see this “live” video I shot: as I was jogging in my hometown of Paimpol, Brittany, I stumble upon the oyster fest and so I did a live, unscripted, very natural video.

Press CC and with the wheel (settings) for no CC, French CC or English CC.

You like this video? I’m going to add many “Everyday spoken French” videos : live, natural, non-scripted and often non-edited videos so you practice hearing “real” French. Subscribe to French Today on YouTube so you’ll never miss a video!

3 – French Conversation With An Oyster Fisherman

The fisherman who opens the oysters on the video says:

  1. Donc, là, je l’égoutte – So, here, I strain it
  2. Je décolle le pied – I take away the attach
  3. Et voilà, allez-y, il n’y a plus qu’à manger – and here you go, go ahead, you can eat it now
  4. Alors ça, ce sont des huîtres creuses de Paimpol – So these are cupped oysters from Paimpol
  5. Des grosses, taille XXL, qu’on ne trouve pas dans le commerce ! big ones, size XXL, which you don’t find in stores!

By the way, this guy is a pro… I would never dream of opening an oyster without protecting my hands! The shell is quite sharp and will cut your hand!

4 – How Do You Pronounce Oyster in French?

If you know how to say the French number “huit”, then you are close! Listen to the video and repeat out-loud.

Note the liasons that happen. We seldom say “huître” – there is likely to be a liaison before!

  1. l’huître – lweetr
  2. Une huître – nweetr
  3. Des huîtres – zweetr
  4. Six huîtres – zweetr
  5. Douze huîtres – zweetre

5 – Warm Oysters on Barbecue Recipe

To make warm oysters, you need:

  1. (la) ciboulette (chives),
  2. (le) basilic (basil – m),
  3. (l’)échalotte (shallots – f)
  4. et (le poivre) cinq baies (five berries… a mix of 5 different types of peppers)

What happened to the French articles here? He didn’t use any because he’s making a list and being very direct.

Miam ! – Yum

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