Seals in Biarritz

Witness the moving release into the wild of seven seal pups that had been rescued in Biarritz, and practice your French with this French English bilingual story. [Read More...]

Myriam’s Basque Cake Recipe

The Basque cake is easy to make and delicious. Today, Myriam will share her family recipe of gâteau basque with us, in this unique recipe written in French and translated in English for a fun learn French in context practice. [Read More...]

Les Fêtes de Bayonne – Learn French in Context

The end of July marks a special time for Bayonne: it's the start of The Bayonne Festivities, a happy time where people gather up by the millions and party together. Learn about "les fêtes de Bayonne" and practice your French with this easy French English bilingual practice story. [Read More...]

Discovery Bayonne City – Bilingual Story

Today, Myriam, a French teacher who welcomes students in French immersion homestays is going to tell us about her lovely city of Bayonne, in the French Pays Basque. Practice your French and discover this amazing city with this bilingual French English story. [Read More...]